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Social Fund Budget Loan Online Application

What is the Social Fund Budgeting Loan UK? Budget loans from DWP are interest free welfare crisis benefits for vulnerable claimants on low income.

BUDGET LOAN: The Department for Work and Pensions administers advance budgeting loans through the social fund.

You can use Jobcentre Plus budget loans to pay for necessities and some services.

They help cover the costs of much needed essentials at home while you continue job searching.

You can use the money to buy clothes, footwear, and furniture. Budgeting loans can also go towards advance rent payments or the cost of moving homes.

Note: They can even help you repay hire purchase fees and certain other debts.

DWP Budgeting Loan 2017 - How Much Can I Get?

Who can apply for a budgeting loan? If you are claiming benefits you can apply to get a social fund budgeting loan. Your full eligibility determines how much you can get.

You should use the Jobcentre budget loan application form SF500 to start the process.

Even though most cash advances must be repaid in full, and within two years, they are not taxable. The lowest amount you can borrow is £100 for this special job seeker benefit crisis loan.

The DWP budgeting loan social fund is interest-free. That means you pay back the same amount that you borrow. But, you usually need to pay back the full amount that you borrowed within 104 weeks.

Budgeting loan repayments come from your regular benefits. You must agree an alternative method to pay back the loan if your rights to benefits ends.

There are no specific age rules to make an application for a social fund budget loan. They are available in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

Other Payment Schemes
There are several payment schemes that do not need to be repaid. Do you qualify for Local Welfare Provision, Sure Start Maternity Grant, or Funeral Payment.

Amount of DWP Budgeting Loan from Jobcentre Plus

How Much Budgeting Loan Can I Get?

DWP Budgeting Loan Online Application: How Much Can I Get and How Long Does It Take?As a rule, the total amount they think you can pay back limits the amount you can borrow.

Social Fund Loan amounts are for the financial year 2017 in the United Kingdom.

You could get up to the maximum of these three rates:

The Social Fund Loan has an upper limit so you cannot owe more than £1,500. This threshold applies to all Budgeting and Crisis Loans.

The three determining factors on how much you get (full or partial Jobseeker loan) are whether:

  1. They consider and believe you can pay back the loan in full.
  2. You have any savings over £1,000 (over £2,000 if you or your civil partner are older than 63).
  3. You are already paying back an existing Budgeting Loan or Crisis Loan.

Budgeting Loan 2017 Payment Time Scale

The DWP consider your application from the actual day that they receive it. It takes 3 to 6 weeks to process your claim. The advance payments go straight into your bank or building society account.

They will use a Post Office Account or Simple Payment Card scheme if the normal process is not possible.

Jobcentre Plus Budgeting Loans or advances do not affect other claims or benefits. They are not counted as income or included in the Benefit Cap. The threshold limits the total amount that working-age people can receive from benefits.

Jobcentre Plus Budgeting Loan Eligibility

What is the eligibility criteria and how to get a Budgeting Loan UK? You may qualify if you or your civil partner are getting income-related benefits such as:

Budgeting Loan eligibility depends on several other factors. They assess the urgency of your need and any health problems you or your family may have.

You must have been benefiting for at least 26 weeks (6 months). You should also still be claiming the benefit on the day they assess your eligibility.

Note: As a general rule, they ignore a break in benefits claims up to 28 days. The rules are different for income support Budgeting Loan NI.

Budgeting Advance Universal Credit

You may qualify for a Budgeting Advance if you get Universal Credit. The eligibility for a Budgeting Advance is different than for Social Loans. If you have income below a maximum threshold and you are:

The final decision depends on:

When You Cannot get a Budgeting Loan

  1. If you have involvement in industrial action at work (e.g. on strike, in a walkout or a lockout).
  2. If you already owe more than £1,500 in total for Crisis Loans and Budgeting Loans.

Note: You will be ineligible for a Budgeting Advance if an earlier Budgeting Loan or Budgeting Advance has not been repaid in full. This usually means within a 12 to 18 month time frame.

What Can Budget Loans DWP Be Used For?

DWP Social Fund Budgeting Loans can help you pay for any of the following items and services.

DWP Budgeting Loan Online Application

If you are applying for a social fund budget loan how long does it take 2017? The information in this section explains how to apply for Budgeting Loan online.

You can use the same application for a social funding loan and claim a budgeting advance. First, you need to download and fill in the special Jobcentre budgeting loans form SF500.

Your claim may take up to 15 working days. You will receive updates on its progress if you include your mobile phone on the document.

The Jobcentre Plus loans contact number and social fund DWP Budgeting Loan return address depends on where you live. You must provide your national insurance number.

They also need details of who lives with you (partner and children) and any current debts or savings.

PDF Download Form iconClick for DWP budgeting loan application form SF500 download from the government website.

Where to Send Social Fund Budgeting Loan Form DWP?

London, South and South East, North East, North West England


West Midlands, South West England, Scotland


(DWP Budgeting Loan address also applies for Cwmbran, Newport. Use it for these postcodes CF3, 5, 10-11, 14-15, 23-24, 31-48, 61-64, 71-72, 81-83, LD7, LL and SY)

East Midlands, East Anglia, Essex, Yorkshire and Humberside


(DWP Budgeting Loan address also applies for Carmarthen, Llanelli. Use it for these postcodes CF4, 6-9, 12-13, 16-22, 25-30, 49-60, 65-70, 73-80, LD1-6 and LD8)

How to Send a Freepost Letter

The FREEPOST address is all you need to write on the envelope. Freepost is not a free service because the recipient pays the bill. The Freepost code informs the Royal Mail which account they should bill.

You can also get the claim form from your local Jobcentre Plus. Using this method usually takes longer to process. They will mail the budget loan form to your address if you phone the budgeting loan helpline.

You should allow at least 5 working days if you are getting loans from Jobcentre and having the budgeting loan application form mailed to you.

Social Fund Budgeting Loan Contact Number
Budgeting Loan Telephone Number: 0345 603 6967
Monday to Friday (8am to 6pm)
Details on free and paid call charges in the UK.

Note: Crisis Loans are no longer available in England, Wales or Northern Ireland. There are other methods of support which include:

Paying Back a Budgeting Loan

Because Budgeting Loans are interest free you will pay back the same amount that you borrow. Paying back a budgeting loan is an automatic process. Repayments get taken from your benefits when they get paid.

How much benefit you receive, and what you can afford, determines the amount that you repay. The tables show budgeting loan deductions based on weekly and fortnightly benefit payment schedules.

Repayments for Budgeting Loan £100 - £812 (benefits paid weekly)

Your Weekly Benefit Payment Budgeting Loan Deductions (weekly)
£57.90 £2.90 – £6.95
£73.10 £3.66 – £8.77
£87.50 £4.38 – £10.50
£102.15 £5.11 – £12.26
£109.30 £5.45 – £13.12
£114.85 £5.74 – £13.78
£300.00 £15.00 – £36.00

Repayments for Budgeting Loan £100 - £812 (benefits paid fortnightly)

Your Fortnightly Benefit Payment Budgeting Loan Deduction (fortnightly)
£115.80 £5.79 – £13.90
£146.20 £7.31 – £17.54
£175.00 £8.75 – £21.00
£204.30 £10.22 – £24.52
£218.60 £10.93 – £26.23
£229.70 £11.49 – £27.56

Note: As a rule you must repay a budgeting loan within 104 weeks (2 years). But, if you lose your rights to benefits you will need to arrange another method to pay back the loan.

Appeal Budgeting Loan Decision or Claim

Contact your Jobcentre Plus office for questions about budgeting loans. Allow 15 working days after posting your Jobcentre budget loan application form. They will need about two weeks to process your claim.

You can request a Budgeting Loan decision review if you are unhappy with the outcome. Write to Jobcentre Plus within 28 days. You should provide a full explanation of why you think the decision is wrong.

You are also entitled to ask for a further review by the office of the Independent Case Examiner. This service is for those who still think the decision was wrong (after the initial review). This extra review should take no longer than 21 working days to complete.

Claimants Also Ask About...

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Crisis Loans ended in March of 2013. Your local council is now responsible for helping in cases of severe financial hardship. They can issue Discretionary Funds to provide extra support. But, your eligibility depends on your circumstances and the specific guidelines of your council.

How Long Does Budgeting Loan Take?
In general the Social Fund loan online process takes around 3 weeks after applying for Budgeting Loan. DWP usually reply with your acceptance after 2 weeks of your application. It may take up to one more week for the money to hit your bank account.

You can help speed up the process by filling in budgeting loan forms accurately and completely. Hand delivering the documents to your local Jobcentre Plus can also save you around one week or more.

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DWP Social Fund Budgeting Loan How Long Does It Take and How Can I Apply?