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UK Telephone Rates and Call Charges

The list of different UK telephone rates continues to grow. So, how do you find out the rate for call charges and phone numbers in the United Kingdom? You should confirm the price of phone calls with your provider. But, the telephone rates comparison chart below is a good place to start.

Cost of Phone Calls in the United Kingdom

Let’s demystify the confusion around call charges and telephone numbers. The cost of calling a phone number depends on your phone provider.

But, you can check the rates for making a telephone call from a landline to mobile cost on the table of minimum and maximum call charges below.

You’ll find the current rates for all the most popular numbers such as 0345, 0800, 0808, 0845, 0870, 03 number charges, and others.

Important: You should check with your phone provider to see if you get free calls to some numbers as part of your call package.

Whether you use a landline or mobile, and the digits that the number starts with, also affect the tariff. This help guide on the cost of phone calls is also available in Welsh language (costau ffôn a rhifau ffôn).

Moving on…

These United Kingdom telephone rates are approximate, and calls from payphones may cost more. Furthermore, you should check with your phone provider if you are phoning from overseas.

Free Online NHS Coronavirus Advice

Many of the major mobile networks (e.g. EE, O2, and Vodafone) will provide their customers with free online access to the latest NHS health information about coronavirus.

Are You Forced to Call 0845 Numbers?

The Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) has owned up to operating close to 200 premium rate phone lines.

It means millions of jobseekers and elderly folk are being forced to call 0845 numbers to get benefits, advice, or to apply for a crisis loan.

DWP’s admission at having “no alternative geographic numbers” for the 0845 lines it operates caused a fury among Government ministers and financially vulnerable groups.

Check through other sections for more information about consumer protection rights and helpful advice on citizenship and living in the United Kingdom.

Note: Further advice on Ofcom billing and charges is also available at the Office of Communications. Ofcom is the independent regulator and authority for most communications industries in the United Kingdom.

Free Landline and Mobile Calls Comparison

Number Starts With Description Cost from Landlines Per Minute (approximate) Cost from Mobiles Per Minute (approximate)
01 / 02 Geographic numbers for specific parts of the UK up to 16 pence 3p to 65 pence
03 / 0345 UK-wide numbers up to 16 pence 3p to 65 pence
030 Not-for-profit organisations, charities, and public bodies up to 10 pence 3p to 40 pence
07 Mobile numbers 10p to 20 pence 3p to 65 pence
070 Personal or ‘follow me’ numbers regulated by Phone-paid Services Authority 50 pence 86 pence
0800 / 0808 Freephone service Free Free
0843 / 0844 / 0845 Business rate numbers up to 7 pence (+ access charge*) up to 7 pence (+ access charge*)
0870 / 0871 / 0872 / 0873 Business rate numbers regulated by Phone-paid Services Authority up to 13 pence (+ access charge*) up to 13 pence (+ access charge*)
09 Premium rate numbers regulated by Phone-paid Services Authority up to £3.60 (+ the access charge, + 5p – £6/ call) up to £3.60 (+ the access charge, + 5p – £6/ call)
101 Police non-emergency number Free Free
105 UK-wide power cut helpline Free Free
111 Non-emergency medical advice Free Free
112 Emergency services Free Free
116 Freephone numbers Free Free
118 Directory enquiry numbers regulated by Phone-paid Services Authority up to £3.65 per 90 seconds plus your phone company’s access charge up to £3.65 per 90 seconds plus your phone company’s access charge
999 Emergency services (e.g. police, ambulance) Free Free


Are 0345 Numbers Free on O2?

According to the 02 website, the cost of making a phone call to 03 or 070 numbers will be the same as other standard fixed line numbers (e.g. starting 01 or 02).

But, despite including them in minutes and texts as part of the tariff, there may be times when the bill is higher than expected. One reason could be that some charges may have occurred outside the monthly tariff allowance.

What is an 0808 Telephone Number?

In the United Kingdom, dialing code 0808 numbers are those which begin with the 0808 prefix. Like 0800 call charges, they are national non-geographic freephone numbers. So 0808 is a free number when called from a UK landline or mobile phone.

How Much Does it Cost to Call 0845?

The 0845 number is widely-used in the United Kingdom. In fact, 0845 call charges can cost more than 10p a minute for landlines in some cases. But, a few providers include it in their inclusive call packages alongside 01 and 02 minutes.

Do You Pay for 0844 Numbers?

In fact, 0844 call charges from mobile can be double the 0845 cost. This is because the cost of 0844 numbers is ‘Fixed Rate’ non geographic.

The caller pays the fixed call price of up to 7p per minute when calling 0844. That occurs from anywhere around the United Kingdom.

Is an 0844 Number Free from a Landline?

The 0844 number holder does not pay anything to receive the call while your 0844 is forwarding calls to your landline.

Is Voicemail Free on Vodafone Contract?

The call is free for ‘Pay monthly’ customers who call from the United Kingdom. Standard call charges apply for ‘Pay as you go’ customers or those calling from abroad.

Note: The short YouTube video explains more about OFCOM UK calling charges and the cost of calling service numbers in the United Kingdom.

Disclaimer: Telephone call prices are indicative only. It is not a definitive list of phone call charges. Some external factors influence the cost of making a phone call in the United Kingdom. Please check with your provider before dialing a phone number from a landline or mobile.

Current Phone Call Charges from Landlines to Mobiles in United Kingdom