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The United Kingdom has no shortage of rules and regulations for its citizens to understand and comply with. Yet, keeping abreast of the most recent UK rules and regulations can be a little overwhelming.

UK RULES: The ever-increasing laws and regulations in Great Britain are set among the most stringent in the world.

No one is above the rule of law in United Kingdom. The transparent legal systems contain strict components which are freely accessible to all.

Welcome to 'The UK Rules' Community!

We do not create or enforce rules in the UK. But, our team of researchers and writers provide clear and simple answers that explain the rules and regulations in the United Kingdom.

For simplicity, we divide the website into two main sections. The top level navigation takes you to all the primary categories (e.g. business laws and health tips).

You can also get answers to common questions on popular subjects, such as driving rules, employment law, and your rights to benefits.

Whereas, the news headline section lists updated stories and articles about rules making the front pages. It is an entertaining way to stay on top of the serious life-changing laws and the craziest regulations (details below).

Following The UK Rules

Gathering and resourcing accurate information on a range of given topics used to be a challenge. We're not saying the Internet should replace libraries. But, education websites like this one make it easier for web searchers to get quick and simple answers to questions of importance.

So, let's take a closer look:

There are many reasons why people use this informative website about British rules and legislation. After all, life in a community without binding statutes and a sprinkling of unwritten rules is fraught with danger.

UK regulations help to make up the country's constitution and the UK legal system. In the eyes of the law, it is the RULE OF LAW that protects and guides its citizens. So, we all benefit by following THE UK RULES!

The creation and enforcement of legal requirements provides protection at work and in leisure. We have informal rulings and unwritten laws that govern general conduct. One purpose is to improve peace and harmony for people in the workplace and in recreation.

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Child Benefit Payments 2019
The payments are regular so you should get the next payment 4 weeks after the last one. But, what should you do if your Child Benefit payments are late and have not gone in your bank?

NHS Prescription Prepayment Card Renewal
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Winter Fuel Allowance 2018/19
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As if that's not enough:

Obeying the UK's governance, and following the laws of the land, can feel restrictive at times. So, we also explain why regulations are important and necessary, such as in the rules of life and the rules of sports.

There is factual coverage of UK-wide common laws, along with governmental and judicial forces of law. Even so, we also like to stimulate and titillate our readers. Fun and interesting facts about general life experiences as well as recreational activities are commonplace.

For example:

There are a number of laws in UK legislation that defy belief and seem to ignore logic. Check out a list of silly UK laws that still remain in statute - the last time we checked!

The UK legal system, its mandatory commandments, and regulated directives, are of benefit to a civilized society. They help to state clear boundaries and regulate the behaviour of the nation.

As a rule, breaking these laws is a criminal offence in Britain and enforced by the police and the UK legal system.

We include a big section on sporting regulations and competitive games. Among the most popular games played in England, are football rules and the court games of badminton and netball.

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In case you were wondering:

There are several big sections covering children's rules and matters related to relationships. Browsing through the categories will help parents establish house rules for kids and toddlers. Check out a list of child safety guidelines to help improve family life and the well-being of youngsters.

United Kingdom Laws and Rules

Reading the UK rules and regulations will help you avoid breaking them. This website now has 1,800+ pages to choose from and our editors add new and current content on a regular basis.

You can select a topic from the list of laws and rules in the UK categorised from A to Z. The laws of England and Wales are also available under the Open Government Licence v3.0 (OGL) at GOV.UK unless stated otherwise.

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If you're looking for quick links, by far the most common questions and topics we get asked about are:

Allowances, Benefits, and Social Welfare

Allowances, Benefits, and Social WelfareYour Rights to Benefits: Get the latest advice and information on benefits and allowances. Anyone in genuine need can get help to claim your rightful benefits from the government in United Kingdom.

Carers: This section lists the categories for claiming carer and disability benefits. Check what allowances and tax credits you can claim in the UK.

Child Benefits: A comprehensive list of answers about Child Benefit rules. It is full of advice and information about claiming Child Benefit support.

Jobseekers: This category lists those related to claiming unemployment benefits. Check out the new Jobseeker's Allowance (JSA) and low income benefits entitlement.

Universal Credit: The rollout continues in stages across the United Kingdom. In short, Universal Credit rules are replacing six welfare benefits with one monthly payment for those who qualify.

Note: Our Facebook Group page called 'Rights to Benefits UK' is a community offering free advice and guidance on the UK benefits system.

Employment Statutory Rights

United Kingdom Employment Statututory Rights in the WorkplaceEmployment Legislation: UK has some of the toughest work employment rules and regulations in the world. Check statutory rights for employers and the workforce in a simple format listed alphabetically from A to Z.

Health and Safety: All employers need to meet their legal responsibilities. This guide explains how the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 affects workers in the United Kingdom.

Hiring Workers: A guide to employing people and staff management. Find out what employers and organisations need to consider when hiring staff.

Law Acts: A free and updated guide to work related employee legislation. This list of employment legislation can help guide employers, managers, and human resource professionals.

Pensions: What is a pension scheme? In fact, workplace and private pensions are tax-efficient, long term ways of saving money for your retirement.

Taxation: Tax is a financial charge or demand imposed upon a taxpayer by a tax authority. An typical example is the way that HMRC collect money and taxes in the UK.

Workers' Rights: Browse the section to learn about the rights of workers on holiday regulations and pay. There is extra information for job hunters in the United Kingdom.

Sports and Games Regulations

UK Sports and Games RegulationsRegulations in Sport: The sporty laws section delivers popular games in the A-Z of sports rules. It is guaranteed to enthrall and fascinate all sports fans or anyone who is keen to learn about the codified elements.

Badminton: What are the simple rules about badminton UK? Get all BWF official rules and regulations in a format made easy to understand.

Football: FIFA 17 Laws of the Game govern all the rules and regulations in football. Check out this summarised list of soccer rules and regulation.

Handball: It's a fast-paced indoor team game. Playing handball rules is all about passing and dribbling a ball with your hands to score goals and win the game.

Netball: Simplifying IFNA official rules and regulations of netball. This guide has all the match tactics and scoring strategies for players and beginners.

Rounders: A simplified version of the official rules of rounders game. Players and beginners can get up to speed with the match tactics in rounders scoring strategies.

Weird Sports: Check out a bloggable list of weird sports played around the world by a zany and elitist minority. We also add a few lesser known unusual games that only eccentric fools take part in!

Driving Regulations and Road Transport Law

Highway Code Driving Rules in the United KingdomMotoring Rules: Essential reading for drivers, riders, and pedestrians. The section explains driving rules in the UK and delivers vital information about the Highway Code with updated laws for all road users.

Blue Badge Scheme: A section that explains Blue Badge application and renewal procedures. Check the restrictions for disabled parking permits and how to pay parking fines.

Highway Code: The rules of the UK Highway Code are essential reading for anyone who uses the roads and highways. This guide will help drivers and riders learn to drive and keep all road users safe from accidents.

Licences: The official document authorises its holder to drive various types of motor vehicles according to driving licence rules in United Kingdom. This help guide covers all the popular services and your legal obligations.

Lorries and Buses: This section explains lorry driving rules, bus driver regulations, and the transportation law. It lists the legal requirements for becoming a lorry or bus driver.

Vehicle Registration: Read important information about vehicle registration or 'log book'. The official term used is the V5C Vehicle Registration document information.

Vehicle Tax: New regulation changes to DVLA road tax rules are now in effect. The system allows you to get car tax online (for the first time) and make your car tax renewal online.

Housing and Renting Services

United Kingdom Housing and Renting Services RulesYour Housing Rights: Find out about local government housing rules and regional services around the United Kingdom. There is extra information on building laws, noise issues, emergency planning, and pet problems.

Council Housing: As a rule, council houses are types of social housing or public accommodation. Government municipalities build most of the council housing in United Kingdom and Ireland.

Council Tax: Local authorities levy a tax on households called Council Tax. Levies are based on how many people live in it and its estimated value.

Landlord and Tenant: All landlords and tenants should be aware of the legal landlord and tenant obligations. UK renting laws protect all parties involved.

Local Council: The political makeup of the local councils in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is complex. But it comprises principal, local, and regional authorities called local council authorities.

Planning Permission: There are several key differences between building regulations and planning permissions. Information in this section is for those requiring permission or making an appeal as part of property ownership.

Public Safety Laws

Public Safety Laws in United KingdomPrinciples of Health and Safety: The stay safe section is full of invaluable advice and tips for our hectic and often dangerous lifestyles.

Fire Safety: The NFPA say many home fires are preventable. Use this fire safety tips guide to educate parents and children on the different types of burning dangers.

Terrorist Attack: The general rules of survival are easier to follow and prioritize using the power of thought along with a prudent escape plan.

UK Rule of Law Example:

The 'rule of thumb' is a good example of a general guideline that is unlikely to get you into trouble for not familiarizing yourself with its meaning or explanation. Learning about the goals of the game - life - is positively uplifting and stimulating for fact seekers and brainiacs. Thus, this example of the thought-provoking ruling sets the tone for the website.

In fact the assertion is not an actual law at all. It is a method of generalized practical estimation rather than exact rulings of science or facts. There is no evidence this English law ever existed, however reports suggest that the 'rule of thumb' originates from the late 1700s.

It supposedly derives from an old law that permitted a man to physically beat his wife with a cane. Apparently - the ruling was lawful if the wife-beater's thumb was thicker than the stick he used to beat his wife.

UK Rules in the News

And finally...

We have a section that delivers daily headline makers and the biggest news stories around Great Britain. Many of these 'strange but true' news reports and statute rulings defy the laws of common sense and comprehension.

So, head over to the news and articles categories if you have time to read some write-ups. You will find a plethora of bloggable anecdotes, free ebooks, and inspiring bulletins.

Disclaimer: Information given does not constitute or replace legal advice. Always seek expert guidance from a law firm or a professional for matters of importance. Please read full terms and conditions for further details.

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