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British Citizenship: Living in the UK

Citizens of Great Britain form a working society that live among each other within a nation. So, how do British citizenship rules work for living life in the United Kingdom? The information in this guide covers a wide range of topics with useful advice relating to British citizens who live in Great Britain.

Citizens Advice: Members play an active part in society. The citizens within that society are members of the nation (or state).

Educating those citizens helps them gain knowledge and learn new skills.

That in turn creates a citizenship of people who understand how to live in the United Kingdom.

Yet, that co-existence creates its own special challenges and set of rules.

British citizens must learn how to engage with the pillars of our democracy. British citizenship rules also extend into politics and the country’s economy.

As such, all citizens of Great Britain share a responsibility to live their lives within the UK rule of law. This section highlights the policies and regulations for those who have UK citizenship. Yet, the United Kingdom may recognise or grant citizenship on several bases.

As a rule, a citizenship based on the place of birth will be automatic. But, you may need to follow an application process to become official members in society.

The law of the United Kingdom is British nationality law. It concerns British citizenship rules as well as some other British nationality categories.

Note: The UK legal system is complex, not least because of the United Kingdom history as an imperial power.

A Guide to British Citizenship Rules

British Citizenship

After Someone Dies

Having a basic checklist of what to do after someone dies is helpful. Find out how to register a death, deal with a coroner, and arrange a funeral.

British Nationality

The rules that determine UK nationality changed back in 1983. The section lists the six different types of British nationality explained and simplified for easy understanding.

Can You Become a British Citizen

You can check your eligibility to become a British citizen. After that, there are several ways you can apply for British citizenship.

Check Your Citizenship

The government site has an online tool to check if you are a British citizen. It would depend on where and when you were born and the immigration status of your parents.

Renouncing British Citizenship

Information in the section explains how to renounce British citizenship or status (nationality). So, having made a successful application, the process results in a ‘declaration of renunciation’.

Right of Abode

There are times for British Citizens to know how to prove right of abode for the United Kingdom. Find out what your right of abode means and how to apply for a certificate of entitlement.

UK Citizenship Certificate

There is a fee to order a replacement naturalisation certificate or registration. The same fee would apply to correct a mistake on a UK citizenship certificate if it was your error.

Note: As a rule, making a successful application of becoming a British citizen means you need to attend a citizenship ceremony. Find out how to book, current fees, and what happens during the ceremony.

British Summer Time

BST: When do clocks change for British Summer Time? Clocks go forward one (1) hour at 1am on the last Sunday in March for the start of BST (also called Daylight Saving Time).

Clocks go back by one (1) hour at 2am on the last Sunday in October for the start of GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)

Note: The next change will be Sunday the 26th of March 2023. An easy way to remember is ‘Spring Forward’ (clocks go forward one hour) and ‘Fall Back’ (clocks go back one hour).

Citizens Advice Helpline

Find the contact information for Citizens Advice consumer helpline. A helpline adviser can offer practical and impartial advice on ways to resolve consumer problems.

Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline
Telephone (English): 0808 223 1133
Relay UK: 18001 then 0808 223 1133
Telephone (Welsh): 0808 223 1144
Monday to Friday: 9am to 5pm
Cost to call 0808 numbers

Note: The law provides an amount of consumer protection and rights when you buy goods and services. The help guide explains who to contact to get the best consumer protection advice.

Data Protection

Data Protection Principles

The guide explains the principles of the Data Protection Act 2018 citation c 12. The Act of Parliament protects personal data stored in paper filing systems and on computers.

Deed Poll Name Change

A change of name by deed poll is an official recognition that an adult or a child changed names. Find out how to make your own deed poll using official forms or through a solicitor.

Marriage and Civil Partnerships

Converting to a Marriage

You can now convert a civil partnership into marriage in England and Wales. The guide explains the full process, the costs, and eligibility for converting abroad.

Correcting a Marriage Certificate

Married people can apply to change the original registration of their marriage certificate. Check out how to correct errors on a marriage registration with the register office or with the GRO.

Ending a Civil Partnership

There are legal methods to dissolve the bond if the civil partnership breaks down. Discover how to end a civil partnership using the process of dissolution.

Gender Recognition Certificate

Check how to apply for a Gender Recognition Certificate in the United Kingdom. The guide can help you make an informed decision about changing your gender.

General Register Office (GRO)

The General Register Office (GRO) holds official records for births, deaths, marriages, civil partnerships, stillbirths, and adoptions. Check who to contact to get a copy birth, death, or marriage certificate.

Legal Separations

Find out how to get a judicial separation to live apart before terminating a relationship. It is a method of creating space between husband and wife (or civil partners).

Marriage Laws

The section covers marriages and civil partnerships in the United Kingdom. It explains how to get married or form a civil partnership in England and Wales.

Marriage Annulment

Annulling a marriage can take place any time after the wedding in United Kingdom. Check out how to get a marriage annulled and which forms you need to apply for an annulment.

Researching Family History

You can use the General Register Office to help you research your family history. Check out how to order a certificate or a PDF online and find GRO index reference numbers.

Citizenship Rules: Citizens Advice for Living Life in United Kingdom