Citizenship Ceremonies UK

In most cases, adults who have made a successful application to become a British citizen will need to attend one of the regional citizenship oath ceremonies.

The information in this guide explains situations when it is compulsory to attend a citizenship ceremony. Find out how to book, the fee, and what will happen during a group ceremony.

How to Book a Citizenship Oath Ceremony

The Home Office send an invitation to anyone who 18 or over. You need to book your ceremony within three (3) months of getting the invitation.

Local councils organise citizenship ceremonies. As a rule, it will be a group ceremony. But, you can book a private one instead.

You will need to organise your citizenship ceremony with your council (see below). They will usually allow two guests to join you for the ceremony. But, remember to take your Home Office invitation with you.

Note: Becoming a British citizen under the Windrush scheme means you would be able to choose whether or not to attend a citizenship ceremony. There would be no fee to pay for attending the occasion.

Citizenship Ceremony Fee

The current cost to attend a group ceremony is £105. Your local council will confirm the fee for organising a private ceremony – but it will be more expensive.

Ceremonies Outside United Kingdom

What if you are not living in the UK? In this case, you can ask the embassy (or consulate) in the overseas country whether you can attend a ceremony there.

Citizens who are abroad for a short period may get asked to postpone the ceremony until they return to the UK. But, it would still need booking within three months of getting an invitation from the Home Office.

What if you will be abroad for more than a few months? In this case, you may need to prove that your plans are to live in the United Kingdom on a permanent basis.

Note: Once an application for British citizenship is successful you will be able to organise a citizenship ceremony with the local council.

What Happens at Citizenship Ceremonies

To complete the process you will need to make an oath of allegiance and a pledge. Citizens who prefer not to swear by God can make an affirmation instead.

Doing so means you are promising to respect the rights, the freedoms, and the laws of the United Kingdom.

The organisers will present you with a certificate of British citizenship, as well as a welcome pack, once the oath ceremony has finished.

Note: It is not uncommon for local councils to make photographs or videos of the event available for purchase as a memento of the occasion.

When You Will Not Need to Attend a Ceremony

Not everyone who makes a successful application to become a United Kingdom citizen needs to attend this type of event. UK citizenship ceremonies are not necessary for people who are registering to become:

You would still need to make an oath or an affirmation of allegiance. You would receive further details of how to carry out this part of the procedure.

Note: The brief video [2:46 seconds] contains a description of the process of oath taking that takes place after the completion of UK citizenship.

What to Expect at a Citizenship Ceremony in United Kingdom