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Get Help with Benefits Entitlement

Browse through this listed overview of topics about claiming benefits and social security. Use it with other benefits adviser services to help check benefit entitlement in the United Kingdom. The benefit check will help you find out what you can get if you are ill, suffering with a disability, or already retired from the workplace.


The checklists below show a brief overview of the guides available. Click any topic to get further information. The categories will help you find out all the answers to the most important questions on how you can claim your rightful benefits in Great Britain.


Most claimants ask us when do my benefits get paid and how do I claim?

This overview section lists all the important categories with information on how to perform a benefit entitlement check.

Other details explain how to make an appeal to the Social Security Tribunal. There is essential information about benefit fraud regulations and how to handle any overpayments of your monetary allocation.

Your Rights to Benefits Entitlement

Understanding the benefits system in United Kingdom can be a challenge. In simple terms, it focuses on providing practical help and financial support for those who need it the most.

Some of the key unemployment benefits help citizens who are able to work and looking for a job. The UK benefit system also provides extra income for individuals who are working, but getting a low income.

There is financial help in the form of family benefits for people who are raising children. Government support also extends out to those who are caring for someone else through carer and disability benefits.

Here’s the step by step guide:

As you may expect, this is one of the biggest sections to cover. So, for simplicity we have divided the information that you need into four main categories:

  1. How and where to get help with benefits entitlement with a list of available welfare concessions.
  2. A section that provides benefits assistance for people who need specialist help and support with claims.
  3. Key information on making appeals and how to make a complaint about a benefit decision.
  4. How to avoid or report benefit fraud and how GOV.UK departments deal with overpayments and integrity.

Note: Clicking on any of the page links will take you through to the relevant section to get further details.

1. Check Benefit Entitlement

Benefit Cap

The cap limits the total amount of benefit that most people can get between the ages of 16 and 64. Check a list of benefit cap amounts and which benefits it will affect.

Benefit Calculator

You can independently use the benefits calculator to calculate your entitlement rights. Benefit calculators are anonymous, free to use online, and have now replaced the Benefits Adviser service.

Employment and Support Allowance

The Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) is a financial benefit awarded to individuals who are unable to work. It also provides personalised help for those who need special assistance to be in work.

Income Support

You may meet Income Support eligibility criteria if your salary and private savings are below the threshold. In some cases, you may also qualify if you do not sign on as unemployed.

Moving from Benefits to Work

In fact, going back to work after claiming benefits entitles you to receive extra support. Several job search programs and work experiences help you start working after claiming benefits.

Pension Credit

Two elements combine to make up the income-related benefit and Pension Credit guarantee. It provides extra money for pensioners of qualifying age.

The government Pension Credit calculator provides you with a payment estimate. The amount you can get depends on your family and financial circumstances when you make a claim.

Short Term Benefit Advance

These benefit advances are for claimants with an urgent financial need. Check to see if you can get a DWP same day payment and how long the process takes.

Work and Health Programme

The Work and Health Programme helps people without a job to find work and then stay in it. The roll out of this programme continues throughout England in 2022.

BENEFITS GUIDE: The complete list of benefits and allowances covers all the categories of social welfare availability. Check out your rights to financial benefits entitlement in the United Kingdom.


2. Help and Support with Benefits


You might be able to continue claiming benefits abroad even if you live or travel overseas. Check which countries have social security arrangements with the United Kingdom.

Benefits while in Prison

Being sent to prison or on remand changes your entitlement to benefit payments. Find out how benefits and prison may affect you or your family.

Exportability Team

The department deals with benefit claims for people who are living outside the UK. You can write to the Exportability Team Co-ordinator if you need to claim or change benefits from abroad.

Food Banks

Using a food bank may be the only option for people locked in poverty to get access to emergency food. So, how do food banks work in the United Kingdom?

Means Tested Benefits

Some welfare payments and allowances are ‘means tested’. Check a list of means tested benefits and how they differ to a non means tested benefit.

NHS Prescriptions and Health Costs

Check to see if you qualify for free NHS prescriptions. You might also get help paying for eye tests, dental treatment, and other National Health Service costs.

Payment Exception Service

The Department for Work and Pensions Visiting Team can provide support visits for benefit claims. But, the process only works for people who need help to claim entitlement (e.g. individuals with disabilities).

Support Visits if You Need Help

The Department for Work and Pensions Visiting Team can provide support visits for benefit claims. But, the process only works for people who need help to claim entitlement (e.g. individuals with disabilities).

When are Your Benefits Paid?

Benefits and allowances are usually paid early over UK Bank Holidays and at Easter time. Find out exactly when are benefits paid and how often.

Call Charges Guide: You can check the rates for making a telephone call from a landline or a mobile. The list includes popular numbers like 0800, 0808, 0845, 0870, 03 and others.

Coronavirus Support for Extremely Vulnerable Persons

Did the NHS, your GP, or a hospital clinician contact you about getting coronavirus support? If so, people with a medical condition – falling in the ‘extremely vulnerable group‘ – can register online in England through the GOV.UK website or on behalf of someone else (telephone: 0800 028 8327).

3. Benefit Appeals and Complaints

Appeal a Benefit Decision

Find out how to make an appeal to the Social Security and Child Support Tribunal. Check what happens at appeal hearings and what you can do if you lose an appeal.

Independent Case Examiner

Check how to complain to the Independent Case Examiner. You should contact this specialist department about unresolved complaints with DWP services (e.g. at Jobcentre Plus).

Mandatory Reconsideration

There is a set process you must follow to challenge a benefit decision. Find out how to ask for a mandatory reconsideration, deadlines, and what evidence you need to provide.

4. Benefit Overpayments and Fraud

Benefit Fraud and Hotline

DWP issue severe punishment for benefit cheats. Check the benefit fraud investigation process and how to avoid a loss of benefits.

Follow the set procedure if you want to report benefit fraud online or by phone. You can report someone if you think they are cheating the welfare system.

Benefit Overpayments

The DWP overpayment recovery guide explains your responsibilities for making repayments. You can get penalised if you get caught out for not paying the money back.

Civil Penalty

The DWP civil penalty only applies to cases of overpayment from 2012. Find out why fixed rate penalties get handed out to benefits claimants.

DWP Home Visiting Team

In most cases, a DWP compliance interview 2022 will be a performance measurement. The visiting team may also conduct the meeting to check your benefit payment is correct.

Fraud and Error Prevention Service

FEPS is the DWP Fraud and Error Prevention Service centre. They may contact you to assess or evaluate your benefits claim and your status.

Reporting a Change in Circumstance

It is not uncommon for your personal or household situation to change. But, you must report a change in your circumstances while claiming benefits.

Check Benefit Entitlement: Your Rights and Benefits in United Kingdom