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Fraud and Error Service: Claim Review

FEPS will make a claim review any time they want to review details of a benefits claim or the financial status of a claimant. This help guide explains what to do if you get a fraud and error service letter from DWP.

FEPS ADVICE: Fraud and Error Prevention Service centres handle cases with claimants of:

The FEPS centre may request certain personal information from you. It is important to reply to a claim review within the specified time limit.

As a rule, FEPS centres ask for specific pieces of information on any savings and income. The request will be for similar details that you already gave when you claimed the benefit. They often ask certain security questions as well, which can include:

  • The exact date that you sign on for your claim.
  • Whether you get any other welfare benefits or allowances.
  • The name of the bank that receives the money when benefits get paid.

Note: FEPS staff will inform you how and when you must submit the information. Your benefits can stop if you fail to provide the information in the stipulated time limit.

Contact from Fraud and Error Service Center

Note: Update: DWP Fraud and Error Prevention Service Centres were ‘Benefit Integrity Centres’ before.

Always check any communication from the Fraud and Error Prevention Service Center. Make sure the contact is genuine before giving out your personal information.

FEPS Centres Letters and Forms

Letters and forms from DWP Fraud and Error Prevention Service will contain identification marks. They will display the Jobcentre Plus or DWP logo on the document.

You can also contact Jobcentre Plus to confirm that the claim review is genuine. People who are claiming Pension Credit should contact their Pension Centre to verify whether they are checking your claim.

Fraud and Error Service Centre Phone Calls and Texts

Any phone call from FEPS begins with several security questions. They use them to check and verify your identity. Often, they will ask for the name of your bank. But, they will never ask for your bank account number or the sort code.

If you get a text message from a FEPS it will show the phone prefix number as ‘Jobcentre +‘ or as ‘Jobcentre Plus‘. Their text messages are most likely:

  • A way of reminding you to return their forms.
  • Another method of asking for information about changes to your circumstances.

Note: FEPS text messages are informational only. There is no need to reply to them by text message from your phone.

Appeal a Decision made by Fraud and Error Service DWP

Their official letters contain details of your right to appeal a decision made by FEPS. Their correspondence also explains how the disagreement appeals get processed.

Fraud and Error Service Centres Claims Review in the United Kingdom