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PIP Waiting Times after Assessment

Claimants are asking how long after PIP assessment do you get a decision? To the dismay of people on disability benefits, the PIP waiting time for decision has seen a sharp rise - yet again.
Note: We are tracking the clearance times for claimants moving to PIP from DLA in 2022. Even so, some of the government figures in this report date back to several years previous.

PIP DECISION TIMESCALE: Processing delays mean most claimants are waiting longer in 2022 (up to three months).

Latest reports suggest that many people are having to wait an average of fourteen (14) weeks when making a new claim for Personal Independence Payment (also called PIP).

So, What is the PIP Decision Timescale 2022?

In fact, PIP waiting times refer to how long it takes to process a claim for Personal Independence Payment.

The decision timescale runs from the first registration, through the application process, to finding out whether a claimant will get PIP – or not!

The story so far:

Figures released show the current waiting time for the disability benefit test results. They reveal the times have almost doubled when compared to those of the previous six months.

People referred for a test in April waited an average of nine weeks. That is a steep rise from an average of waiting only five weeks in October the year before.

Being left in limbo for many months is causing distress for claimants. Many of whom suffer from serious health conditions. The typical disorders include cancer, multiple sclerosis, anxiety, dementia, and severe depression.

DWP admit to delays:

The Department for Work and Pensions handles these benefit claims. They admitted that ‘PIP clearance times’ had risen sharply over the first six months of 2017.

The situation did not improve much last year either as the waiting times for disability benefit claims continued to soar.

PIP Clearance Times

So, how are these so-called ‘clearance times’ measured? It starts from the moment of referral to the time when DWP makes a decision on whether to grant the benefit. As a rule, private firms like Capita and Atos will act as the ‘assessment provider’.

Note: The new name for private firms conducting the controversial PIP assessments is ‘Independent Assessment Services’. Despite receiving widespread concerns about the system, they received a £40 million increase to their funding.

Despite these figures, there is a less dramatic rise in the entire start-to-finish wait. The process is measured from the first PIP registration to when a decision maker at DWP makes the final conclusion.

PIP Waiting Times after Assessment 2022The entire procedure saw a rise from ten (10) weeks to thirteen (13) weeks for new PIP claims since October 2016.

People moving up from Disability Living Allowance to the new PIP benefit are seeing waiting times closer to 14 weeks for the process to complete.

Yet, the waiting times fall short of 42 weeks for new claims seen in 2014.

More worrying, are the figures showing thousands of claimants getting rejected for PIP. They include many trying to move over from the outdated DLA benefit.

So, the latest news on pip benefit 2022 shows more bad news. It highlights a notable divergence between winning a DWP appeal when compared to that of going to an independent tribunal.

Personal Independence Payment Rejected?

There are several options if DWP rejects your application for this non means-tested benefit meant for people with a disability (aged 16 to 64).

Getting rejected for PIP means lodging an internal appeal with the Department for Work and Pensions. More than half a million people lodged such appeals since the launch of PIP in 2013.

In case you were wondering:

Reports show that less than 20% of these appeals actually succeed. That is alarming when you compare it to a 62% success rate for those fighting a DWP decision at a full tribunal.

One Labour MP claims internal reviews made by DWP are a ‘complete fraud’. He claims they are often designed to put people off appealing to the Social Security Tribunal.

The Personal Independence Payment benefits are a lifeline for most disabled people. They depend on the welfare support to meet the extra costs of an impairment or a health condition. Research suggests they need more than £500 a month for living with a disability.

How Long for PIP Decision after Assessment?

This information was kindly supplied to us by a genuine claimant in the hope that it helps others who may be experiencing a similar situation:

“I am wondering if I hold the record for a decision on PIP from DLA? Completed forms in October, 2017, two appeal tribunals, the last in October, 2020, ‘renewal’ forms sent in November, 2020, completed, and still do not have a decision as of today’s date, 28/1/21!

Several complaints made through DWP – not a single reply!

At last appeal the Presenting Officer was castigated by the Judge for not providing documents the appeal court ordered to DWP to produce; and for failing to be able to explain why my claim had been closed down (several times).

P O said an investigation was being carried out, but when challenged by the Judge at the tribunal hearing he admitted he could not provide the tribunal with details as no-one had any idea what investigations had been made; or what the nature of the investigation was or who was doing the investigating!

DWP also claimed no medical evidence available – the Judge said he had read all 690 plus pages of medical evidence sent to the DWP and the Appeal tribunal!

I am not making this up and have obtained a ‘reason for decision’ from the appeal tribunal. So my wait, so far, is three years and three months.”

Hope this helps inform people on your website

Helen Waine

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PIP Waiting Times 2022: Response by DWP

A statement given by a DWP spokesman says they have total commitment in processing PIP claims and as fast as possible. But, they must ensure they have all the necessary evidence to make the right decision. In fact, the department processes around 78,000 claims each month.

You can make a claim up to three (3) months in advance. In most cases, that may actually be before you satisfy the qualifying conditions.

How long for reply from PIP assessment?

It will take some weeks to deal with a claim (around 14 weeks). So, you should not delay claiming. DWP will base the length of an award on the likelihood of a health condition changing.

As a rule, like the frequency of welfare benefits, PIP payments will arrive four (4) weeks in arrears. Some exceptions apply for the terminally ill. In this case, payments will be made weekly and in advance.

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PIP Reviews 2022

The government has ended unnecessary PIP reviews for people with the most severe health conditions.

Note: So, does pip get backdated? No it doesn’t! But, claimants will be unable to backdate their claims for PIP to a timescale before the date of the actual claim.

Note: The short video [4:39 seconds] has audio and subtitles. It highlights some of the important factors that DWP use during the process and the PIP assessment decision time scale.


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