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How to Report Benefit Fraud in the UK

You must follow the set procedure if you want to report benefit fraud. This guide explains how to report someone for committing benefit fraud.

REPORTING BENEFIT CHEATS: There are several ways of uncovering a person who is (or suspected of) carrying out benefit fraud.

You should try to disclose as much information as you can. As a rule, it should include:

  • The person’s name and approximate age.
  • Their National Insurance number (if known).
  • Their postal address and email address (if known).
  • What type of benefit fraud you think they are committing.

The information you provide in a report can be ‘anonymous‘. That means there is no need to give your name or your contact details if you prefer not to do so.

Note: The help and guidance on how to report a benefit cheat is also available in Welsh language (Cymraeg).

After Reporting Someone for Benefit Fraud

Several things happen after you have reported a person for making a fraudulent claim. The Department for Work and Pensions Fraud and Error Service view the details given. But, the DWP will not give any outcome from their investigation to the person who reports it.

The Fraud and Error Service do not ‘always’ take action. They will only do so if they find proof that the person has been committing benefit fraud. But, their action can include the removal a that person’s benefits. As a rule, it also includes taking them to court.

There may be a valid reason why no action gets taken. It could be that the person already declared a change in their circumstances. In other cases, non-sanctionable benefits may not get affected by information you report.

Benefit Fraud Report Number

Note: You can report benefit fraud online using the government reporting service. There are several other ways of reporting benefits fraudsters, such as by telephone or by post.

National Benefit Fraud Hotline (NBFH)
Telephone: 0800 854 440
Textphone: 0800 328 0512
Welsh Language: 0800 678 3722
Monday to Friday: 8am to 6pm

NBFH Postal Address
National Benefit Fraud Hotline
Mail Handling Site A
WV98 2BP

Reporting Someone Living in Spain or Portugal

Note: You can use the local telephone numbers if your phone call is coming from Spain or Portugal.

Spain Benefit Fraud Hotline
Telephone: 900 55 44 40
Monday to Friday: 8am to 4pm local time (GMT +2)

Portugal Benefit Fraud Hotline
Telephone: 800 20 86 38
Monday to Friday: 8am to 4pm local time (GMT +1)

Telephone Call Charges

CALL CHARGES GUIDE: Check the rates for making a telephone call from a landline or mobile. Call charges vary to popular numbers like 0800, 0808, 0845, 0870, 03 and others.

How to Report Benefit Fraud in the United Kingdom