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How AI Detects Mass Benefit Fraud

Intelligent technology is helping the DWP catch the worst offenders of benefit fraud. Artificial intelligence (AI) will clamp down on cheats who claim bogus benefit payments.

HANDWRITING ANALYSIS: Cheats and fraudsters manipulate the UK benefit system each year.

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) have a new approach to tackle benefit fraud. They have started using state-of-the-art algorithms.

The DWP says modern artificial intelligence can now detect identity cloning techniques. Organised criminal gangs use cloning techniques to commit mass-scale benefit fraud.

So, how does the new AI system detect gangs of benefit fraudsters?

First of all, it will alert investigators if fraudsters use the same phone number. The same alerts also apply if gangs use a similar handwriting style. This happens most when cheats fill out multiple and different falsified claims.

These connections get buried inside billions of government files. But, the DWP have invested in new information technology to target this problem.

They hope the new intelligent computer software will increase benefit fraud prosecutions. The focus is to catch the large groups of gangs who cheat the system.

Jobcentre Plus Tip-offs

Using artificial intelligence to detect mass benefit fraud is a new approach for the DWP. Their investigators have relied on other means to target individual criminals. Action would usually start following any concerns raised by Jobcentre Plus staff.

The Department for Work and Pensions say trials of the new intelligent technology have been successful. The use of AI will also extend to other departments of the welfare system.

In recent years, around 5,000 people are getting prosecuted for benefit fraud each year. The DWP are recovering over a £1bn in overpaid benefits ‘annually’.

The Secretary of State for Work and Pensions commented on the progress made. He said: “The government is ‘fully’ committed to tackling benefit fraud. In particular, they will target organised crime gangs. These swindlers divert money away from the people who need it the most.”

Fraud investigators work hard to bring all fraudulent criminals to justice. This new approach is one of the latest innovative ways to tackle the issue. Using this cutting-edge technology will help to protect the money paid by UK taxpayers.

The UK Chancellor had already announced the funding for artificial intelligence. He put aside £75m for the project back in November 2017.

Some the investment is to help support start-up firms. They want to raise the number of new PhD students in the field. The aim is to get 200 a year. Extra funding may also go towards an advisory body. The plan is to lift existing barriers to AI development in the United Kingdom.


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DWP Uses Artificial Intelligence to Detect Large Scale Benefit Fraud in the United Kingdom