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£10 Christmas Bonus Benefit 2022

This section will help if you are wondering 'is the DWP holiday bonus being paid this year' and 'how much do you get for Christmas Bonus benefit'?

The information explains who gets the £10, which social welfare benefits qualify, and the DWP Christmas Bonus 2022 payment date.

DWP Christmas Bonus 2022 Payment Date

December is the traditional month for some benefits claimants to get an extra tax-free DWP holiday bonus payment of £10.

The £10 DWP Christmas payments go out during the qualifying week (we understand it will be the 6th to 10th of December).

Find out if you are eligible to receive the one-off UK DWP Christmas Bonus payment and when you could get the money.

Note: This information about the DWP XB payment 2022 (Bonws Nadolig) is also available in Welsh language (Cymraeg).

As a rule, the Xmas bonus is an automatic payment. So, it should go straight into your bank account (like most of the usual payment dates for benefits and allowances).

Claimants who qualify for the Christmas Bonus DWP should receive the money before the holiday period. So, it is usually paid in the first full week of December.

Note: The annual Department for Work and Pension gratuity may show as ‘DWP XB on bank statement‘. The 2022 Xmas bonus will not affect your claim or your rights to claim welfare benefits.

DWP Christmas Holiday Bonus Eligibility

You must meet several conditions to get the Job Seekers JSA Christmas Bonus. It is only available for individuals who are receiving one of the qualifying benefits during the week that it gets paid.

Here’s how it works:

You must also be present in the country or meet United Kingdom residency conditions. Your eligibility to get DWP Christmas payments depends on two main factors:

  1. You must be present in the United Kingdom during the qualifying week. Being ‘ordinarily resident’ means you could also qualify if you are in another country (such as Gibraltar, the Isle of Man, the Channel Islands). You can check benefits and pensions for UK nationals in the EU, EEA or Switzerland on the GOV.UK website.
  2. You must also be getting at least one of these benefits in the qualifying week (December 6th to 10th):

You do not get the Benefits Christmas Bonus UK if you have not claimed your State Pension and are not entitled to one of the other qualifying benefits.

Definition:An Ordinarily Resident is ‘officially’ defined as a PERSON who is Ordinarily Resident in the United Kingdom and cannot be charged for National Health Service hospital healthcare. Broadly speaking, it means you live in the UK on a lawful, voluntary, and properly settled basis for the time being.

How to Claim Christmas Bonus 2022?

In most cases, you receive the Christmas benefit automatically so you should not need to claim for it. But, you should contact your local Jobcentre Plus office (or pension center) if you did not get it.

Note: As a rule, it will be the same office that deals with any of your other benefits entitlement payments.

DWP Christmas Bonus Advice

What if you are part of a married couple or in a civil partnership (living together as if you are married)? In this case you may both get Christmas bonuses.

So, if each of you receive one of the qualifying benefits during the appropriate week (first week of December) – you will get two (2) payments.

Last time we checked:

Your partner may claim the Christmas Box even if they do not get one of the qualifying benefits. But, both of you must be over State Pension age by the end of the qualifying week.

But, your partner must be present (or ‘ordinarily resident’) in the United Kingdom during the qualifying week. On top of that, you must (either):

  1. Only be receiving the Pension Credit benefit.
  2. Have entitlement to an increase of a qualifying benefit for your partner (or civil partner).


What is PIP Christmas Bonus 2022?

Claimants getting Personal Independence Payment also qualify for PIP Christmas Bonus. PIP Christmas payment dates will be due at the same time as the other Xmas bonus handouts.

When is the Winter Fuel Allowance Start Date?

The payments start when the British cold months begin to bite. Hence, the Winter Fuel Payment is usually transferred to eligible claimants from November to December.

Do Pensioners Still Get £10 Christmas Bonus UK?

The UK Chancellor assigns a non taxable £10 Christmas Bonus for old age pensioners who get the State Pension or Pension Credit.

But, pensioners who have not claimed their pension must be claiming one of the other qualifying benefits to get the extra Christmas payment.

Do You Pay Tax on Bonuses UK?

HMRC regard a bonus (or tips) as wages if you get them through your job. That means you may need to pay income tax on that extra money if it is not part of your usual wages.

This would also apply to an annual Christmas benefit from your employer (if you are lucky enough to get one). It is important to understand that you would usually need to pay National Insurance on that bonus income too.

Note: The short YouTube video explains more about the Christmas bonus (including subtitles for ease of use).

Christmas Bonus Benefit 2022: DWP XB Payment Date in United Kingdom