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Pay for Healthcare with Immigration Application

You may need to pay for UK healthcare as part of your immigration or visa application. This section explains the process for the 'immigration health surcharge' (IHS). Further information clarifies who needs to pay and how to get an IHS reference number. Check the current fees and how to pay the IHS healthcare surcharge.

IMMIGRATION HEALTHCARE: IHS is the ‘immigration health surcharge’. It is part of UK immigration and visa applications.

When to Make Payment

You can make an immigration application online or you can apply at a premium service centre.

In these cases you would pay the surcharge as part of your application or at the time you book your appointment. You can also apply for a UK visa by post. In this case, you would pay the surcharge online before sending in the application.

Start Using the National Health Service

Once you complete ‘both‘ of these two steps you can start to use the National Health Service:

  1. Either you paid the healthcare surcharge or you have exemption from paying it.
  2. The immigration department granted your visa or immigration application.

Some NHS services are not covered as part of the IHS. You will need to pay for eye tests, prescriptions, and dental treatment. Always take your biometric residence permit when you access UK healthcare services.

Note: Remember to include the immigration health surcharge reference number on the application form.


Who Needs to Pay IHS

Check how visa applications made inside or outside the UK affect who needs to pay for IHS. Whether you need to pay immigration health surcharge depends on where you make the visa application.

How Much You Must Pay

Check how much the immigration health surcharge cost is and when to pay it. You can also use the government website to calculate the IHS fee before you pay it.

IHS Payment

There are several ways to pay the IHS payment in the United Kingdom. This guide explains how to pay immigration health surcharge online or by post.

IHS Payment Refund

There are several reasons why you might receive an immigration healthcare surcharge refund. The guide explains how refunds get paid and how long it takes.

Paying for Healthcare with Immigration Application for United Kingdom