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Rules for Arriving in the United Kingdom

Read on for information about the rules and procedures for arriving in the UK. Check what you need to do when you arrive at the border. The topics in this section also cover customs and passport border checks, bringing in goods (e.g. animals, foods) and the EU Pets Travel Scheme.

UK Border Agency :

Further topics include advice on transiting through the country.

Find out what happens if you need to perform airport transfers and layovers. This section explains the rules for arriving in the United Kingdom.

Individuals and families entering the United Kingdom will also find help and guidance. Check the laws for bringing in goods like food, animals, and plants. They are also covered in the subsections below.

This informative section explains the current Visa procedures. Find out what happens when you are going through Customs and entering the UK.

You can also find out what goods you can bring into the United Kingdom. As a rule, it depends on where you are travelling from. Check which products and devices you cannot bring into the country.

Entering UK Border Control and Customs

Apply for a UK Visa

Check the section that explains how to apply for a UK visa. The current information relates most to the United Kingdom visa application online process.

Bring in Animals, Food, or Plants

Strict customs rules apply if you are bringing in food, animals, or plants into the United Kingdom. The help guide explains how the restrictions may apply to your arrival at the border.

Bringing Goods into the UK

As a general rule, you can bring duty free goods into the United Kingdom, but only when the allowances are not restricted. Check which items are subject to tax when you travel from abroad.

Controlled Substances

Even though you may not need a personal licence for it, bringing medicine containing a controlled drug into the UK means you may need to prove it has been prescribed to you.

Note: You can make a customs declaration check to determine whether you need to declare the goods that you want to bring into, or take out of, the United Kingdom.

Electronic Visa Waiver

The Electronic Visa Waiver scheme (EVW) is a 6 month visa to visit the United Kingdom. It is only available for those who have a passport from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Oman, or Kuwait.

Entering the United Kingdom

Border control will check your passport or identity card. You can also verify whether you need a visa for entering, or traveling through the United Kingdom.

Note: Check out the customs tax and shipping responsibilities. They may apply when moving your personal belongings to the UK from overseas.

Immigration Healthcare

You may need to pay for healthcare as part of immigration or visa application. The section explains the process for the ‘immigration health surcharge’ (IHS).

Pets Travel Scheme

The section explains the rules for bringing a pet dog, cat, or a ferret into the United Kingdom. The PETS travel scheme covers the guidelines to take pets abroad either on a holiday or to live.

Registered Traveller Service

There are several travel benefits of membership in the Registered Traveller service. Find out how to apply for the United Kingdom Registered Traveller scheme.

UK Visa Check Online

You can use the UK Visa Check to determine whether you need a visa to come to the United Kingdom. If you plan to visit, study, or work in the UK, you can now check your visa status online before you arrive.

Visa Fees

There is an online tool at the Home Office website. It is for working out the cost of your UK Visa Application Fees in the country you are applying from.

Law for Asylum Seekers in the United Kingdom