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Electronic Visa Waiver United Kingdom

The Electronic Visa Waiver scheme (EVW Visa) is a 6 month visa to UK and available only for those who have a passport from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Oman, or Kuwait.

How to Get a UK Electronic Visa Waiver

The UK Home Office launched the Electronic Visa Waiver to replace the traditional visa form to make it easier for tourists and foreign business executives to travel to the United Kingdom from Gulf countries.

The cost of the new EVW Visa is £15. It then allows you to visit the UK for business, tourism, medical treatment, or for studying up to the maximum of six months.

You should check if you need a visa if you are visiting Great Britain for a different reason.

Note: You must apply for the EVW between 3 months and 48 hours before arriving in the UK.

When you apply for the electronic visa program you will need to provide these three important details during the process:

  1. Information on your current passport.
  2. A United Kingdom address where you will be staying.
  3. Your arrival and departure dates with time schedules.

Apply Online for Electronic Visa Waiver UK

Click here to apply online for the EVW Visa using the official website at GOV.UK.

Electronic Visa Waiver Application Information

The personal details that you enter into the system must exactly match the information on your passport.

Electronic Visa Waiver UK: EVW for Gulf CountriesApplicants often forget to include identical punctuation such as letter spaces, full stops, hyphens, or apostrophes.

The same also applies to your travel details which must be free of spelling errors or omissions. Remember that each person who is travelling to the United Kingdom (including children) requires their own individual Electronic Visa Waiver.

The other person must enter their own contact details as well as yours if someone applies for EVW on your behalf.

Note: You will not be allowed to travel if your personal or travel details are incorrect.

After Applying for EVW UK Visa

After you have applied to get the Electronic Visa Waiver UK you will receive an email within 24 hours. The email provides you with a link to download your EVW Visa. You must have a printed version of your Electronic Visa Waiver to show to airport staff on your departure and arrival.

Your EVW will only let you enter the United Kingdom one time and you will need to repeat the process for visa application if you want to enter the country again.

Note: Showing an electronic copy of the EVW such as on a mobile phone or tablet is not permitted.

You cannot use an Electronic Visa to:

Changing Travel Plans

There are a few steps to follow if your travel plans change or any time that you miss your transport schedule. You must change the travel details on your Electronic Visa Waiver UK if:

  • You leave from (or arrive) at a different airport, port, or train station than you planned.
  • You arrive in the United Kingdom more than eight hours later than the scheduled time.

Note: Your EVW confirmation email explains how to change your travel details.

Electronic Visa Waiver Scheme in the United Kingdom