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Jobseekers Allowance

JSA and Low Income Benefits

This section lists the categories about claiming for the Jobseeker's Allowance (JSA) and other low income benefits in the United Kingdom.

JSA BENEFIT: The unemployment benefit called Jobseeker's Allowance is part of the social security benefits system and paid by the Government in the United Kingdom.

Although there are two forms of Jobseeker's Allowance (contribution-based and income-based) they are both likely to be replaced by the Universal Credit benefit system.

You can also find essential information and advice about Income Support, Budgeting Loans, and Pension Credit in this section.

Eligible JSA claimants must state their intention to seek work by completing a Jobseeker's Agreement form and attend the New Jobseeker interview (NJI). Being awarded the Jobseeker's Allowance benefit means you must also visit a Job Centre to 'sign on' every two weeks to verify that you are still actively seeking for employment.

Jobseekers or Low Income Guide

Benefits CalculatorsBenefits Calculators

UK BENEFITS CALCULATORS: They are anonymous, free to use, and have now replaced the Benefits Adviser service. Using a self-serve benefit calculator helps people determine how much they can claim from national or local government.

Budgeting Loans GuideBudgeting Loans

DWP BUDGET LOAN: The Social Fund Budgeting Loan 2017 is an interest-free welfare crisis benefit for vulnerable claimants on low income. DWP budget loans help cover the costs of much needed essentials at home while you continue job searching.

Carers Credit Allowance GuideCarers Credit

CARER'S CREDIT ALLOWANCE: Find out how much of allowance eligible carers can get to help fill gaps in other benefits or National Insurance record. The amount of Carers Credit Allowance you get can also support your qualification towards the State Pension.

Christmas Bonus Benefit GuideChristmas Bonus

DWP CHRISTMAS BONUS: You might know it as the job seekers Christmas Bonus Benefit. But £10 Christmas payments go out to almost all claimants who are getting certain benefits during the qualifying week.

Constant Attendance Allowance GuideConstant Attendance Allowance

THE CONSTANT ATTENDANCE ALLOWANCE: Helps to pay for attentive daily care for those who get War Disablement Pension or Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit. Your claim for the Constant Attendance Allowance is related to the amount of care you need and the extent of your disability.

Diffuse Mesothelioma Payment SchemeDiffuse Mesothelioma Payments

DIFFUSE MESOTHELIOMA PAYMENT SCHEME: Two different schemes compensate those who have been diagnosed with the asbestos related disease if your exposure happened while you were living in the United Kingdom. The two types of payment you can claim for are Diffuse mesothelioma payments (the '2008 scheme') and the other type is called Diffuse Mesothelioma Payment Scheme (DMPS).

Disability Premiums GuideDisability Premium

DISABILITY PREMIUMS: The extra payments for the Disability Premium are automatically added on top of certain benefits for claimants with severe disabilities and eligible for the entitlement. To qualify for disability premium you must be under Pension Credit age and be registered as a blind person or already getting certain disability benefits such as Income Support or the income-based Jobseeker's Allowance.

Employment and Support Allowance GuideEmployment Support Allowance

EMPLOYMENT & SUPPORT ALLOWANCE: The Employment and Support Allowance is a financial benefit given to those who cannot work or personalised help for those who need special assistance at work.

Income Support GuideIncome Support

INCOME SUPPORT BENEFIT: Claimants of Income Support get an extra weekly payment which is related to earnings and mostly helps those who are on low income - or no income at all. You may be eligible to claim for Income Support if your salary and private savings are below the threshold or you do not sign on as unemployed.

Jobseeker's Allowance (JSA) GuideJobseeker's Allowance

JSA BENEFIT: The Jobseeker's Allowance is the main unemployment benefit for those who are searching for work. JSA benefit helps to cover the living expenses of qualified job seekers while they find employment.

Working and claiming JSA is allowed, and encouraged, providing your employment is part time (less than 16 hours a week) and your job-hunting for longer working hours continues.

Job Grant GuideJob Grant

JOB GRANTS STOPPED IN 2013: Claimants can no longer apply for a Job Grant. You may qualify for other support and benefits to help you find and prepare for work. You might be able to join a work placement programme, get volunteering experience, or enroll in a job trial. You might also find help starting your own business, starting child care, or take on some caring responsibilities.

Understanding Pension Credit GuaranteePension Credit

WHAT IS PENSION CREDIT? Two elements combine to make up the income-related benefit and Pension Credit guarantee. It provides extra money for pensioners of qualifying age who may be eligible for one or both parts.

PENSION CREDIT CALCULATOR: The government Pension Credit calculator provides you with an estimate of how much you may be entitled to. The actual amount of Pension Credit you receive depends on your family and financial circumstances when you claim.

NHS Prescription Prepayment Certificate (PPC) GuidePrescription Prepayment Certificate

PREPAID PRESCRIPTIONS: You can now get a 3 or 12 month NHS Prescription Prepayment Certificate online and save money if you need numerous prescribed medicines. As a rule, buying the cheap rate NHS PPC is less expensive for those who need regular prescribed medicines than those who buy single prescriptions.

Reduced Earnings Allowance GuideReduced Earnings Allowance

REDUCED EARNINGS ALLOWANCE: REA is a weekly payment for qualifying claimants whose income drops because of a work-related disease or accident. The Reduced Earnings Allowance support benefit is for those who cannot earn their potential due to the industrial injury or disorder.

Support for Mortgage Interest GuideSupport for Mortgage Interest

SUPPORT FOR MORTGAGE INTEREST SCHEME: SMI benefit can help cover the cost of mortgage and loan interest payments. Homeowners on qualifying income-related benefits can get Support for Mortgage Interest relief on some home improvements or repairs.

Universal Credit GuideUniversal Credit

UNIVERSAL CREDIT: The all-new Universal Credit benefit system is a single monthly payment which now merges and replaces several benefits or tax credits that you already claim from the Department of Work and Pensions.

Return to Work Credit GuideWork Credit

IN WORK & RETURN TO WORK CREDIT STOPPED IN 2013: Claimants can no longer apply for In Work Credit or Return to Work Credit. You may qualify for other support and benefits to help you find and prepare for work.

You might be able to join a work placement programme, get volunteering experience, or enroll in a job trial. You might also find help starting your own business, starting child care, or take on some caring responsibilities.

Jobseeker's Allowance and Low Income Benefits Category Overview