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Vehicle Registration Document

Vehicle Registration Document Information

This section provides important information about vehicle registration or 'log book'. The official term used is the V5C Vehicle Registration document information.

So, what is the V5C logbook registration of a vehicle?

Having a vehicle registration V5C log book establishes clear ownership. It is also used for taxing vehicle owners and motorists.

A unique vehicle identification number (VIN) identifies the majority of vehicles. But, only registered vehicles carry a V5C Vehicle Registration certificate and display licence plates.

You will find extra guidance explaining how to register your vehicle. Check the process to change your name and address on the V5 document.

You can also learn what steps you need to take if you sell your car or motorcycle. You must also follow the rules for scrapping a car in the United Kingdom.

What is the V5C Log Book Document?

In simple terms the V5C document is the registration contract. It records and tracks who owns the car or vehicle. The V5C (and a receipt) are the most important documents to obtain when you buy a car. You will need to hand over the log book when you sell a vehicle.

What information is on a vehicle registration document? Before you part with your money, you should check that the person stated on the V5C is the actual owner. Also make sure that same person is the one who is selling the car.

DVLA Vehicle Registration Guide

Change Name and Address V5C (log book) GuideApply for V5C Logbook

GET V5C LOGBOOK: You need to replace a vehicle log book if the original got damaged, lost, or stolen. You will need to get a new logbook if you did not get one with a new vehicle.

V5C CHANGE ADDRESS: You must inform DVLA for a log book change of address. It is a legal requirement to update your name or change address on V5 log book.

V5C CHANGE CLASS: You must inform DVLA if you change the vehicle classification. This section clarifies when to change vehicle details on V5C registration certificate and where to send the form.

Contact the Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency in Swansea UKDriver and Vehicle Licencing Agency

CONTACT DVLA: Use this online service to find the correct phone number, email address, or postal information to contact DVLA registration. They deal with enquiries about vehicle road tax and driving licences.

They also process applications, V5C documents, number plates, and the health conditions for driving rules in the United Kingdom.

DVLA DATA REQUEST: The Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency database stores sets of specialist vehicle data. This bulk information provides useful statistics and analysis for certain companies and buyers.

INFORMING DVLA: You must inform DVLA when a vehicle does not belong to you any longer. Tell them if you transfer ownership or buy a vehicle as a motor trader or the new registered keeper.

MOTOR INSURANCE DATABASE: MID is a free online service to check if a vehicle is insured and registered on the Motor Insurance Database.

USED CAR CHECK: You can get vehicle information from the DVLA used car check. The tool allows a check of vehicle details such as tax and SORN status.

VEHICLE REGISTRATION: It is a legal requirement to register all vehicles in the United Kingdom. This guide explains the process for registering different types of vehicles and the costs involved.

Motor Trade GuideMotor Trade

SCHEMES FOR MOTOR TRADERS: Check the rules for the 3 different types of vehicle registration schemes for motor traders. They are the non-secure registration scheme, the secure registration scheme, and AFRL system.

TRADE LICENCE PLATES: The DVLA issue trade licences and trade licence plates for those who operate in the motor industry. Car manufacturers, dealers, and repairers will need to use trade plates.

Scrapping Your Own Vehicle GuideScrapping Your Vehicle

SCRAP A CAR: How to scrap your own vehicle and deal with insurance write-offs. You should use an authorised treatment facility (ATF) when scrapping a car.

WRITTEN OFF: Most vehicles with severe damage get scrapped and written off by an insurance company. But, there is a set procedure to inform DVLA about a write off vehicle.

Check You are not Buying a Stolen Vehicle GuideStolen Vehicle Check

STOLEN CAR CHECK: How can you be sure you are not buying a stolen vehicle from a private seller? Use this Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency stolen vehicle check free and make sure it is genuine.

VEHICLE GOT STOLEN? You must report a stolen vehicle to the police and to the insurance company. In some cases, you may also need to inform the DVLA.

Vehicle Identification Number GuideVehicle Identification Number

VIN: There are several reasons for knowing how to find a vehicle identification number. The guide explains 'what is a VIN' and why DVLA sometimes issue 'Q' registration numbers.

Vehicle Scrapyards GuideVehicle Scrapyards

FIND A VEHICLE SCRAPYARD IN ENGLAND: Search online to find a breaker's yard or dismantler to scrap your vehicle. An authorised treatment facility (ATF) is where you should take your vehicle to get scrapped.

Vehicle Registration Document Information and Categories Overview