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DVLA Data Request Information

The Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency database stores sets of specialist vehicle data. Some of this information is available to companies and buyers.

DVLA DATA: This bulk information provides useful statistics and analysis for certain companies and buyers.

As a rule, anyone can access and track vehicle data using the website tools and public documents.

With ‘reasonable cause’, you would be able to request information about a vehicle or its registered keeper from DVLA.

But, you need to make a DVLA data request to gain access to certain sets of specialist facts and figures.

You must complete an online form to make specialist vehicle data requests from DVLA. The rule applies to all requests to access the DVLA database. It includes the ‘anonymised data set’, the ‘bulk data set, and vehicle mileage data.

DVLA Bulk Data Set

The primary use of the Bulk data set is for vehicle buyers to check whether the cars they are buying are genuine. DVLA’s Bulk data (V995/1) comprises specialist vehicle identification information.

It includes the vehicle registration number (VRN) and vehicle identification number (VIN). Extra statistics provide some details on vehicle make and model.

The DVLA Bulk data set (V995/1) contains 47 vehicle information fields, but no names and no addresses. Certain companies can get access to this database. This kind of DVLA database access provides a vehicle checking service for the motor trade and for the public.

DVLA Anonymised Data Set

The anonymised database contains 30 fields in each record. But they do not provide individual records. Certain companies use anonymised data for their marketing programs.

DVLA anonymised data set (V995) also includes make and model vehicle identifying information. This database provides access to partial postcode identification.

DVLA Mileage Data Request

DVLA produces vehicle mileage data to assist buyers in checking a vehicle’s mileage. More information is available if you buy the leaflet.

You can buy mileage data in bulk from DVLA to get access to vehicle registration numbers. It also gives a mileage reading to the nearest 1,000 miles. The database access states how the DVLA received the records and the date of notification.

Other Types of Vehicle Data

You should contact the DVLA Data Sharing Strategy and Compliance Team for other kinds of vehicle data. They might be able to help if you need information on other vehicle database issues.

How to make a DVLA Data Request

Contact the Data Sharing Assurance Team to make data requests from DVLA. You should include the reasons why you are requesting the information from them.

Data Sharing Strategy and Compliance Team
Email: [email protected]
Longview Road
Swansea SA99 1DY

How to Make Data Requests from DVLA in the United Kingdom