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How to Request Information from DVLA

There are several valid reasons to request details about a vehicle's registered keeper from DVLA records. Typical examples would be giving out parking tickets or apportioning responsibility after an accident.

The process of asking the DVLA for information about your own vehicle is a simple one. With 'reasonable cause' you can also request information about another vehicle and its registered keeper.

Requesting Information on another Vehicle

Having ‘legitimate grounds’ means you can ask DVLA for details to help:

  • Determine driver responsibility following an accident.
  • Give out parking tickets or trespass charge notices.
  • Track down the registered keeper of an abandoned vehicle.
  • Trace the registered keeper of a vehicle parked on private land.
  • Trace vehicle owners suspected of insurance fraud.
  • Trace drivers who drive off without paying for goods or services.

Note: Restrictions apply to private car parking management companies that issue parking tickets or trespass charge notices. They must be members of the British Parking Association or the International Parking Community to request information from DVLA.

Making a Request by Post

There are several different forms to use depending on whether you are requesting details as an individual or as a company. Fill in the appropriate form to make a postal application for information from DVLA records.

  • Use a V888 form (if you are an individual)
  • Use the V888/3 form (for companies that issue parking or trespass charge notices)
  • Use the V888/2 form (for any other company)

Each form contains relevant details on how to pay and where to send the application. Individuals and companies can also read further guidance on what information DVLA will release from their records [MIS546 PDF].

Requesting Information about Your Vehicle

You would need to provide some evidence, but you can ask for access to information that the DVLA holds about:

  • The registered keeper [you] and your current vehicle.
  • A vehicle that was previously registered in your name.

Note: As a current registered keeper, or a previous keeper, the service to check the history of your vehicle with DVLA is free of charge.

Information to include about Yourself:
  • Your full name and current address.
  • Your telephone number (in case they need to contact you).

Note: You can also view or share your driving licence information online. The record contains a list of any driving bans, penalty points, or disqualifications.

Information to include about Your Vehicle:
  • Your full name, current address, and the address recorded on your log book (V5C).
  • The registration number of the vehicle you are requesting details about.
  • What specific information you need to know (e.g. the date you bought the vehicle or when the DVLA first registered it).

Sending a Request by Email or by Post:

DVLA SAR Enquiries
Email: [email protected]

SAR Enquiries

Note: The details are NOT for general enquiries. You can contact DVLA here instead.

Request Details about a Vehicle or its Registered Keeper from DVLA