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DVLA Road Tax Online Rules and Forms

The new regulation changes to DVLA road tax rules are now in effect. The system allows you to get car tax online (for the first time) and make your car tax renewal online.
Note: The only legal alternative to taxing your vehicle is to make a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN).

UK ROAD TAX RULES: New car tax rules are now in force in the United Kingdom.

You can renew your DVLA car tax application online, by telephone, or at the Post Office. The facility also lets you check your car tax online.

New road tax rules let you tax your motorcycle, car, or any other vehicle using the reminder letter (V11). You should receive the V11 reminder letter before the excise duty expires.

You can use a V5C registration certificate (log book in your name) if you do not have a car tax reminder letter.

Use your new keeper supplement (V5C/2) if you have recently bought the vehicle. If you receive a ‘DVLA last chance warning letter car tax‘ you may also use this document for taxing vehicles online.

You will need the payment and you may also need a valid Reduced Pollution Certificate. Remember the DVLA MOT test certificate (must be valid when the tax starts).

The Reduced Pollution Certificate (RPC) scheme to reduce vehicle tax ended on the 31st of December 2016.

Car Taxation and Vehicle Road Tax Guide

Applying for HGV Tax

Taxing Heavy Goods Vehicles

HGV tax rates are due for Lorries that weigh more than 3.5 tonnes when loaded. Use form V85 to apply to tax a Heavy Goods Vehicle in person at a Post Office that deals with HGV vehicle licencing (tax disc).

Give them your V5C goods vehicle registration certificate (log book) or you can apply for a replacement if you do not have one.

HGV Road Tax Bands

The amount of tax you need to pay depends on whether you have a Reduced Pollution Certificate. The HGV tax bands check, and whether it has road friendly suspension, also affects the tax rate.

Applying for Road Tax

Apply in Advance

You can apply for vehicle tax in advance up to two (2) months before it expires. You would need to send the advance payments and application to DVLA Swansea SA99 1DZ.

Taxing a Car

UK road fund tax is non-transferable on used motors at the point of sale. Check how to tax a vehicle for the first time or after buying a second hand car.

Vehicle Tax Refund

There are several valid reasons to cancel vehicle road tax. Find out how to cancel VED and get a road tax refund from the DVLA.

Calculate DVLA Tax Rates

Check Road Tax Price

Review a help guide listing Vehicle Excise Duty road tax rates. The VED tax rate tables show the bands and 2022 vehicle tax rates for different types of vehicles (including diesels and motorcycles).

Vehicle Road Tax Rates

It may be quicker to use the ‘Get vehicle information from DVLA‘ online service. But, you will need the V5C document reference number.

Change Vehicle Tax Classification

You can change vehicle tax class using form V70 ‘Application to Exchange Vehicle Tax’. Mail it to the DVLA at Swansea with your payment method and any other required documentation.

Check if a Vehicle is Taxed

The UK road tax rules allow you to check if a vehicle has tax and a current MOT. You can carry out this car taxation check before you send in a report or make a DVLA car tax application online.

Note: It also informs you whether it is declared ‘off road’ as per the Statutory Off Road Notification. Follow the relevant SORN rules when you are trying to check vehicle sorn or doing a car road tax check online.

Clamped Vehicle Release

Information on clamped car releases and the fees to get your car back. Find out where you have to collect your vehicle from, after clamping or impound.

Direct Debit Payments

Find out how to set up vehicle tax Direct Debit payments or cancel them. Check out how to manage road fund tax by Direct Debit payment method.

Driving Rules and Regulations

Learn more about your legal rights and traffic requirements as motorists in United Kingdom. The driving rules overview is for drivers, motorcycle riders, and pedestrians using highways in Great Britain.

Importing a Vehicle

There is a specific process to follow when importing a vehicle into the United Kingdom. Find out how to register imported vehicles and pay vehicle excise duty and VAT.

Report an Untaxed Vehicle

The DVLA investigate any anonymous reporting of car tax dodgers (not police). Check out how to report an untaxed vehicle if you see it on a public road or highway.

Note: You can check a list of vehicle types exempt from road tax in United Kingdom. It includes historic vehicles and those used by disabled people.

Statutory Off Road Notification

When to Apply for a SORN?

Reference V5C registration certificate, V11, or V85/1, if you need to make a Statutory Off Road Notification for your vehicle. The section provides information explaining SORN rules and when to make a declaration.

Making a SORN

There are several ways to inform the DVLA that you want to register your vehicle as ‘taken off the road‘. Check out how to make a SORN online, by phone, or by post.

VCA Car Fuel Data and DVLA CO2 Emissions

Fuel Data

The Vehicle Certificate Agency (VCA Car Fuel Data) website allows you to search and determine the fuel consumption and DVLA CO2 emissions by registration. You can also perform a DVLA car tax bands check, by make model and registration for new and used cars.

Van Tax Bands

You can also check the fuel consumption and emissions for vans or light commercial vehicles on sale in the United Kingdom. Fuel consumption is tested on unladen vehicles.

DVLA Vehicle Tax Check: Car Road Tax Regulations in United Kingdom