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How to Get a Vehicle Log Book

You must get a replacement log book (V5C) if the original is damaged or lost. The same application process also applies if you did not get a V5C after buying a new vehicle.

The information in this help guide explains how to apply for a replacement log book online or get a duplicate by post (e.g. if the insurance company destroyed it).

Apply Online for a Duplicate Logbook (V5C)

You cannot use the DVLA online vehicle log book service, if (any):

  • Your information has changed (e.g. change address on V5).
  • You sent the V5C to the DVLA to change some details.
  • The vehicle registration is part of the DVLA fleet scheme.
  • You no longer have the vehicle in your possession.
  • The vehicle is registered outside the United Kingdom (includes Channel Islands (e.g. Jersey and Guernsey), Isle of Man, and Ireland).

Note: Only the registered keeper of the vehicle can get a duplicate log book online (providing you do not need to change any of the details).

You can use a credit or debit card to pay for the online service (£25). In most cases, it will take five (5) working days to get a replacement log book (V5C) from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).

The DVLA will need you to confirm the name and full postcode (as registered on the log book), and details about:

Replacing a Log Book by Phone

Only the registered keeper (stated on the V5) can replace a damaged or missing log book by phone – providing none of the recorded details have changed.

After phoning the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), you should allow six (6) weeks for them to return the duplicate document.

DVLA Vehicle Enquiries
Telephone: 0300 790 6802
Monday to Friday: 8am to 8pm
Saturdays: 8am to 4pm
Call rates to 0300 numbers

Note: The waiting times for applications made by telephone may be delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). The guide for replacing a vehicle log book (V5C) is also available in Welsh language ‘Cael llyfr log cerbyd (V5CW)‘ (Cymraeg).

Apply for a New Log Book by Post

What if you cannot get a replacement V5C online? In this case, there are several other ways to get it, such as when you:

Follow these steps:

  • Download the official document titled ‘Apply for a vehicle registration certificate (form V62)‘ (available for free on the GOV.UK website).
  • Send a completed V62 form to DVLA customer services (address below) with a cheque or a postal order to cover the standard fee of £25 (payable to ‘DVLA, Swansea’).

Note: How long does a V62 take to process? You should allow six (6) weeks for the V62 form to be processed by the DVLA after applying by postal methods.

SA99 1DD

Applying for a V5C as a New Owner
  1. You can also ‘apply for a vehicle registration certificate (form V62)‘ if you did not get a log book for a new vehicle.
  2. Send it to the DVLA address along with the green ‘new keeper’s details’ slip (V5C/2) given to you when buying a vehicle.
  3. There is no fee to pay when getting a log book for a new vehicle.

Note: What if you have not got the green ‘new keeper’s details’ slip? In this case, you would have to pay a fee of £25 (made payable to ‘DVLA, Swansea’). Allow four (4) to six (6) weeks to have the V5C returned.

Taxing a Vehicle without a Logbook

Often, you can get road tax for a vehicle at one of the large Post Office branches and order a new log book at the same time.

Fill in the standard ‘DVLA V62 application form’ and take it with the £25 fee to a Post Office branch that handles vehicle taxation. The Post Office will confirm whether you can get road tax without the log book.

How Long Does it Take to Get a New Log Book?

DVLA log book not arrived? The time to wait for a new V5C logbook varies on how you applied for it. You should phone the DVLA if the new log book does not arrive:

  • After five (5) working days: If you applied for vehicle registration by phone.
  • After six (6) weeks: If you applied for vehicle registration at a Post Office or by postal methods.

A new online service launched by the DVLA has slashed the time it takes for motorists to receive a duplicate log book (V5C).

Taking a Vehicle Out of the United Kingdom

What if you took your vehicle overseas and you haven’t got a log book? If so, you should contact the local driving authority to find out how to register a vehicle without a V5C.

Furthermore, you should also send a letter to DVLA informing them that you took the vehicle abroad. Remember to include your name, address, and:

  • The actual date that you took it out of the United Kingdom.
  • An address to receive the vehicle tax refund (where applicable).

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