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10 Netball Rules for Beginners

Netball novices and kids can start learning and playing the game right now. Check out these top ten netball rules and regulations for complete beginners and kids. This is only a simple snapshot of the basic fundamentals. But, it is an ideal place to start if you want to learn how to play netball in 5 to 10 minutes of reading.

10 BASIC NETBALL RULES: Master the 10 simplified laws of the game. They cover 7-a-side events and competitive tournaments played regularly around the United Kingdom.

Top Ten Simple Netball Rules

These are the most basic netball rules and key tactics for learning how to play the game. The fundamentals cannot be any simpler than these 10 abbreviated guidelines for newcomers.

Mastering these 10 most important netball rules is super easy. This is a summarized regulation list of rulings that control and govern the popular indoor court game. [Absolute newbies should click here for the basic netball rules for dummies edition]

1. Squad and Team Players

The first listing in the 10 key rules of netball begins with the number of players allowed in the team. A full netball squad has 7 playing positions on court (must be at least 5 players).

2. Netball Equipment

All team players must wear appropriate netball equipment including color coded bibs. You should never play without proper indoor running shoes or court footwear.

3. Starting Play

A coin toss determines the first center pass. Teams alternate center passes afterwards. At this point all players must be in their starting positions.

The opposing Center is free to move but they all have to obey the footwork rule after the whistle. One player must make contact with the ball in the center third without ‘delaying play‘ to avoid giving away a free pass.

4. Court Zone Rules in Netball
  • Offside: A player moving out of their own area (with or without ball).
  • Over a Third: You cannot throw the ball over two transverse lines without interception.
  • Out of Court: Occurs if the ball hits anything outside the court.

A throw-in returns the ball into play (within 3 seconds) from outside the court line. Foot contact with the line is a foul throw. Players must stay in their designated zones.

5. Rules of Netball General Play

All players should play the ball to a teammate or shoot for goal within three seconds (while standing). The rules of netball allow a single ball bounce to gain control of it. But, there must be enough space for a third player between the hands of thrower and catcher.

6. Netball Rules for Beginners: Footwork

Players can receive the ball on one foot or two feet but hopping or dragging the landing foot is not allowed. The regulations allow movement of no more than 1.5 steps with the ball.

7. Simple Rules of Netball Scoring

Only the Goal Shooter or Goal Attacker may shoot the ball and they must be inside the goal circle to score. The ball must fall completely through the ringed hoop to be a goal.

8. The 5 Rules of Netball Regulations
  1. You cannot travel with the ball.
  2. You cannot snatch or hit the ball out of a player’s hands. [See Contact Rule].
  3. You must stand 3 feet away from the person with the ball (while defending).
  4. You cannot hold the ball for more than 3 seconds.
  5. Intimidation of any kind gets regulated the same as the Obstruction Rule.

9. Basic Rules of Netball Officials

The responsibilities of a netball umpire include:

  • Complete a pre-game inspection.
  • Inspect the court and goal post dimensions.
  • Check scorecards have been fully completed.
  • Ensure that the players are wearing appropriate uniforms.
  • Check each player for long nails or sharp jewellery.
  • Confirm the match ball is regulation size.
  • The officials are part of the standard netball rules UK. They should position the timekeepers, scorers, and team benches appropriately.

10. How to Win the Match in Netball

The final addition to these 10 rules of netball is appropriately named ‘how to win the game‘. If you score more points than your opponent in 60 minutes regulation play (4 x 15 minute quarters) – you win!

Further Training and Help Guides

Note: The short video clip is useful for anyone who is unsure about how netball hand signals relate to the rules and regulations.

10 Simple Netball Rules for Kids and Absolute Beginners