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Netball Shooting Technique and Tips

Only the Goal Shooter (GS) and the Goal Attacker (GA) can shoot directly at the ring. Check out the best shooting technique with extra tips on goal shots.

SHOOTING NETBALL DRILLS: Shooters must be inside the opponents’ goal circle before they shoot.

IFNA netball rules regulate the goal circle and shooting tactics.

The netball scoring ring is also called the hoop in popular netball terminology. But, it does not have a backboard as in basketball games.

In fact, this makes the role of a shooter more difficult. Thus, Goal Shooters (GS) need to be very accurate when they shoot.

As a rule, experienced shooters will stand with a wide stance. This netball shooting technique promotes good balance and stability.

Netball Shooting Tip: Try standing with your feet and hips at shoulder width apart before you take a shot.

Goal Shooting Skills: Netball Training Tips

Use your strong hand to cradle the ball from behind and from underneath. Your fingertips should be in a slight ‘bent position‘ (not pointing straight out).

Place your other hand to the side of the ball. That helps to stabilize it in your palm and provide a little extra boost with spin.

Power in the netball shot comes from your legs muscles. Whereas, your hands and arms provide the directional control.

Keep your head high with a straight ‘upright‘ back. Add a little knee flex, springing upwards when you shoot, and then release the ball.

Experimenting how far you need to bend your knees will determine the best results. Focusing on the back section of the hoop as you shoot will also increase your accuracy.

A ‘wristy‘ finger flick will impart backspin as you release the ball. That encourages the ball to bounce back towards you if it misses the hoop.

The same strategy applies if it rebounds off a player who is shielding and defending for the other team.

Goal shooters are always searching for ways to improve their technique. Using these netball shooting techniques should increase your scoring rate.

Try these four top netball goal shooter drills as part of your solo training or team exercises. The shooting drills include tips on using the correct posture. Working on your cardio training is also an important part of health and safety in netball.

Shooting Techniques in Netball: Drills and Tips for Goal Shooters