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Best Netball Shoes and Footwear

Wearing proper court trainers for netball, or the best running footwear, is essential. You need quality netball shoes to play competitive tournaments around the United Kingdom.

INDOOR COURT TRAINERS: It is not wise to play most indoor sports or court games in a pair of normal canvas shoes. Doing so increases the risk of foot sores, skin blisters, and possible ankle sprains.

Wearing acceptable footwear will assist sudden directional changes. It also supports the quick footwork drills needed to play netball.

Inappropriate indoor running shoes are likely to diminish your movement around the field. They can also increase the chance of getting foot and ankle injuries.

There is a scientific reason behind this advice. Normal track shoes are not designed for twisting motion. They facilitate repetitive, forward movement, such as in distance running.

The tread and the outer soles are thicker, with more cushioning for your heel and toes. This type of shoe does not give the best fitting for indoor court trainers.

If you are serious about playing netball rules then your feet deserve the best netball footwear you can buy.

Benefits of Netball Indoor Sports Shoes

  • Netball’s shoes and footwear protects ankles because the sit higher on the foot.
  • Your feet are less vulnerable to twisting and rolling.
  • Netball trainers help make short turns and quick bursts of speed easier.
  • The shoe manufacturers design netball trainers for pivots, jumps, and sudden stops.

Indoor Court Trainers for Movement

There are 7 netball playing positions on the court. No matter which one you have, your role requires a tremendous amount of running and foot traction.

You will make side swerves and quick starts. Not to mention, momentary changes in direction and sudden abrupt stops.

The best footwear is usually made of a durable, strong, rubber compound. It offers padded support for your feet at the front, the back, and in lateral side movements.

Foot Arch Types

Everyone has a unique foot arch type because our legs and feet differ individually. That affects the type of shoes and support insoles you should be wearing for sport.

Some players have a high foot arch whereas other will have a low arch (term for flat feet). The majority will have a normal foot arch and there are those whose legs may not be equal in length.

The experts have advice for those with one leg shorter than the other. They suggest you get a checkup with a doctor. Fortunately, there is a solution.

It may mean getting pair of corrective, orthotic insoles to help alleviate musculoskeletal stress. They will also help to reduce ankle damage, knee strain, hip aches, and back pain.

Best Trainers for Netball: Design Features

A well-designed good netball show lets the foot sit low in the platform. That means you are maximizing comfort and cushioning while you play.

Wearing the best netball footwear reduces the likelihood of spraining or twisting your ankle. But, you may also need to consider your budget and settle for a cheaper pair.

Even so, all netball enthusiasts need to consider their long term investment in sensible and durable footwear. Try to buy shoes that are ideal for the job in hand and help to keep your sporty feet fit and healthy.

Netball Shoes and Footwear: Best Indoor Court Trainers for the United Kingdom