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Netball Coaching Drills for Beginners

This section will help beginners practice their footwork drills and ball passing skills. Use the list of netball exercises to improve your defensive and interception techniques.

NETBALL DRILLS: Try practicing the training drills as part of a regular session plan. It is certain to advance your game to a higher level.

You will see huge improvements in your defensive and interception skills.

Start off an exercising program using these training sets and netball drills for beginners.

Coaching Tip: Your trainer or sports coach will most likely include netball passing drills and some instruction on ball shooting skills. It will complete the strength building exercises and sharpen your tactics in preparation for the game.



Netball Footwork Drills

All players want to have fast footwork in netball. It is best achieved by practicing these top coaching drills for beginners. They include two common teaching points. They are the one-foot landing and the two footed landing drills.

Landing on one foot and making a step with the other is within the rules of netball. That is providing the player releases the ball before re-grounding the lifted foot.

Repeated pivoting and directional stepping around the landing foot is also permitted. But, you should release the ball before re-grounding the pivoting foot.

Players cannot slide or drag the landing foot. But, they can jump from one foot to another if they release the ball between the jumps.

Your coach should clear the drills for two-footed landings. They must occur when a player catches the ball and lands on both feet ‘simultaneously‘. Players should release the ball before re-grounding a lifted foot following this position.



Netball Skills and Techniques for Training

Netball Shooting Skills
Shooter TechniquesGoal Shooters (GS) shoot for goal using the best netball shooting technique and tips.
Netball Passing Skills
Passing SkillsMaster the passing techniques and sharpen your game with these netball passing drills.
Netball Marking Drills
Marking SkillsLearn the essential match winning techniques by practicing these shielding and defending drills.
Netball Goal Shooting Drills
Shooter Training DrillsLearn to shoot these 4 netball shooting drills to help improve your scoring accuracy in the circle.
Netball Ball Handling Skills
Ball HandlingTry some simple ball handling skills to improve how you pass and receive the ball.



Netball Training Drills: Obstruction

Give these basic netball marking drills a try in your practice session. They teach the basic defensive obstruction skills of ‘three feet marking‘.

Trainers should teach novice players how close to stand while marking an opponent. This should be part of all netball training drills.

Paired players practice by lifting their arms up in the air after retreating three feet. Jumping backwards to a pre-determined mark on the floor is the next step.

Stepping drills for netball help you judge the distance of netball marking. Use these basic netball drills before stepping into a real game situation.



Netball Training Drills: Coaching Tips for Beginners in the United Kingdom