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Shielding and Defending in Netball

The two defencive shielding and defending tactics are two of netball's essential match winning techniques. Even so, they are often underrated skills compared to passing and shooting drills.

NETBALL DEFENDING DRILLS: Gaining and regaining possession of the ball often materializes from a solid defending ability. Displaying strong shielding techniques will help to prevent your opponents from scoring.

Defensive Skills

The role of the defense is to keep the opponents from moving freely around the court. The more possession they have, especially in your goal area, the more chances they have of scoring.

Good defencive skills and shielding techniques are all about using legal blocking maneuvers and using your body to intercept attackers.

Defending in netball means having bags of stamina and energy because they are the most common ground rules of being a defender.

Effective netball defending is all about using raised hands and arms to cut off passing and shooting by the opposition.

Your arms should always be moving and not down by your side and bouncing on the balls of your feet (not flat footed) will encourage an explosive spring to your netball defending tactics.

Goal Keepers and Goal Defenders need to defend rigorously when attackers shoot at goal.

Keep your back straight and bend at the hips to lean in over their shot.

Maintain this posture as you jump high to increase your chance of intercepting the shot or tipping the ball back to your teammates.

Netball Defending and Shielding Skills