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Netball Shooting Drills and Tactics

How to be a good netball goal shooter and how to shoot in netball? Playing at the Goal Attack (GA) position is all about having slick netball goal shooter movement.

GOAL SHOOTER NETBALL TIPS: Learn to shoot these 4 winning netball shooter drills. They are the top coaching tactics in netball.

Practicing these top netball tactics will help improve your goal scoring accuracy and hit rate in the circle.

These goal shooter netball practice sessions do not get any better for most beginners. You will probably find them to be strenuous exercises. But all 4 drills are highly beneficial netball shooting games.

Learn to shoot netball goals like a pro with these simplified netball drills for shooting.

Practice these top 4 shooter tactics in netball. You will need several players for most of these netball goal shooting drills.

Netball Drills and Goal Shooting Games

Practicing your shooting tactics improves your overall accuracy and netball goals hit rate. Try to execute these top four goal shooter netball techniques.

You can include them as part of your individual solo training or in your group coaching and drill sessions.

Netball Goals Drill 1. Shoot Solo

The ‘Shoot Solo drill is one that you can practice when you are alone. The drill focuses on your balance, posture, and ball-thrusting techniques in netball.

You need one ball and a single netball goal post to practice shooting solo netball drills at the hoop from different angles.

  1. Face the netball goal post with your feet close to hip-distance apart with your knees relaxed.
  2. Your shoulders and elbows should face forward. You should be handling the ball in your dominant shooting hand.
  3. Use your other hand with soft fingers to balance it and guide the trajectory.
  4. Hold it high with stretched arms and elbows close to your ears.
  5. Keep your elbows slightly flexed for leverage but move only the top of your arms.
  6. Push it off your hands with a forward flick producing ball spin on a high trajectory.

Netball Goals Drill 2. Shooter and Feeder

The ‘Shooter and Feeder’ netball game is best exercised with two players and one ball. You will also need ten cones, a netball goal post, and perhaps a timing device.

  1. Netball Shooting Drills: Goal Shooter Skills and TipsYou can alternate turns but number 1 is the shooter to start the drill and number 2 is the ball feeder.
  2. Position the cones scattered around the goal post.
  3. Player 1 starts at the first cone and shoots for goal.
  4. You should not move to the next cone unless you score a goal.
  5. The aim is to move quickly around the coned course taking as few shots possible.
  6. Player number 2 collects the ball and feeds the shooter for the next netball shot.
  7. The game becomes more taxing if you time the progress through the course.

Netball Drill 3. Shooting Over Defenders

The name of this two player drill is usually called ‘Shooting Over a Defender’. This is one of the best drills for shooting in netball. That’s because it helps you master shooting past defensive barriers.

The training helps you spot poor netball shooting techniques. It also tests how well you flick the netball ball. You will need one ball and a netball hoop to practice these netball tactics.

  1. Number 1 starts as the shooter and number 2 defends (alternating roles afterwards).
  2. Aim to shoot with success and as often as possible over the defender’s outstretched arms. This drill is good netball shooting practice for experiencing defensive pressure.

Netball Drill 4. Cardio Training for Shooters

Shooting and Cardio Training‘ is a test of the shooter’s stamina and accuracy. The game is tough and best played with a pair and you will need a ball and a netball goal posted ring.

One player is the shooter and the other helps to retrieve the ball. You can alternate the player roles afterwards.

  1. Player number two positions the ball on the ground anywhere in the goal circle.
  2. The shooter sprints to the sideline and touches the ground at the edge of the court.
  3. You then collect the ball and take the shot before sprinting back to the sideline again.
  4. Each time, the ball retriever replaces it inside the goal circle for the next shot.
  5. Repeating this exercise over prolonged periods builds up cardio efficiency and stamina.


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Netball Shooting Drills: Goal Shooter Movement and Tactics