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Netball Questions and Answers

Do you need quick and simple answers to some popular netball questions? This netball FAQs section lists the most common questions about netball rules.

NETBALL FAQ: This resource section will improve your knowledge and understanding about the game.

It answers all the top questions about netball. Check through up-to-date factual content and blog articles on netball questions.

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What is Net Ball Game?

Netball is a fast-paced ball sport played by two teams with seven players on each side (mostly females). Netball games get played on a rectangular court (usually indoors). There is a raised goal ring located on the top of a high pole (3.05 meters) at the center of each end on the playing area.

What Does Netball Mean?

The aim of the seven-a-side game is to score the most goals. Goal shooters score by throwing the netball ball into the hoop-shaped ring. Players get restricted to certain court areas depending in their playing position.

As a rule, each player can hold onto the ball for a maximum of three seconds when they have possession. After that they must shoot for goal or pass it to another player. At the end of 60 minutes regulation play the winning team is the one who scored most goals.

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Where did Netball Come From?

It is widely accepted that ladies netball developed its early roots from the game of basketball. Spectators saw the first netball game at Madame Ostenburg’s College, England in 1895.

The 1998 Commonwealth Games included the sport of netball. The game has since increased in popularity in the United Kingdom and beyond.

How Long is a Netball Game?

Netball games are 60 minutes long when a match gets played at the highest level. One hour of netball duration divides into four 15-minute quarters. There is a short break taken between each netball quarter. But, most winter competitions play for 40 minutes made up of four 10-minute quarters.

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How Many Players are there in a Netball Team?

The maximum number of players in a netball team is twelve. A netball team may have up to 12 players in the squad but a maximum of 7 players can be playing on the court at any one time. Each player gets assigned a specific position with a defined role in a marked out court zone.

There is no legal limit to how many players in netball can get used for substitutions during the game. That is providing the teams do not exceed the maximum of 12 named players for the match.

What are the Positions in Netball?

Each team member plays an important role when the game begins and resets. The 7 player positions in netball get assigned to their specific area. That determines where they should stand and play. Wandering outside your specific zone markings is an illegal move called ‘off-side‘.

Seven team positions in netball combine four players in attack roles (offense). It includes the center – who will perform an attacking and defensive role. Three players occupy defensive positions (defense) including the goal keeper.

What is Clearing in Netball?

Clearing defines a player’s movement to clear a space using a change of pace. It allows a teammate, or themselves, to drive into the space and occupy it. The player who is clearing the space, and drawing the defender away, should always have sight of the ball with their body facing it.

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What are the Rules of Netball?

Netball rules allow two teams of seven outfield players dashing around the court. They use sharp shooting, one handed passes, and clever footwork drills. IFNA and England Netball regulations control the game. It consists of four separate timed quarters lasting 15 minutes each.

“England Netball is a Highly-skilled Racy Female Ball Sport Played Mostly Indoors”

What is Footwork in Netball?

How do we define footwork in netball? The netball footwork rule is unique compared to most other ball sports. It applies to the person with the ball. They can only use very limited movement with their feet after catching the ball.

What is the Penalty for Stepping in Netball?

Stepping in netball occurs when you let your landing foot touch the ground after you have already lifted it once while in possession of the ball. This procedure is a rules’ infraction called stepping or sometimes ‘travelling‘. It is similar to basketball fouls and infringements.

This means players can legally take only one and half steps while they are in possession of the ball. Players can balance on the other foot (if the landing foot gets lifted). The technique of pivoting does not count as an extra step.

What is the Difference between Netball and Basketball?

The game of netball is similar in many ways to basketball. But, the rules, player equipment, and the number of players in a team are significantly different. For example, you cannot dribble or run with the ball in netball games.

There are 7 participating players (as opposed to 5 in basketball). They are all limited to certain areas of the court and the ball must get passed within 3 seconds. The netball ball and the basket are slightly smaller and you will not see a backboard behind the hoop.

How Many Umpires are Needed in Netball?

As a rule you need two umpires to officiate netball games. One umpire will referee along the left side line and the other umpire will referee the right side of the court. Competitive and professional games usually employ two timekeepers and another two scorers as well.

What are the New Rules in Netball?

The rules of the game change every once in a while. That applies to most sports and netball is no different. Every netball player can learn a new netball rule as they filter through into the game.

Starting a Netball Game: Centre Pass

All players must quickly get onside following the centre pass. The Centre player in possession of the ball must hurry back to the centre circle and step straight inside. Waiting for other players to get back onside is ‘delaying play‘.

New netball rules will result in the Centre receiving a caution. A penalty will get awarded with further advancement taken up the court. This new netball rule should speed up the game for everyone.

General Play: Footwork in the Centre Circle

The regular footwork rule still applies in the centre circle. The umpire should blow the whistle to start play after the Centre has placed one foot completely inside the centre circle.

General Play: Passing the Ball (short pass)

The netball short pass moves the ball from the hands of the thrower to those of the receiver. There must be enough space for an opposing player to intercept the ball when a player passes the ball. The new netball rule ‘short pass‘ makes it easier for players to make a pass the ball to each other.

Netball Frequently Asked Questions and Answers