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How to Play Netball for Beginners

A beginners guide to netball regulation basics needs to be simple and uncomplicated. Mastering these 3 essential rules will help you learn how to play netball.

NETBALL COACHING FOR DUMMIES: Learn netball’s most basic rules.

This guide is a cheat sheet listed in a simple easy format for newcomers and complete novices to follow.

The IFNA Official Rule Book of netball for dummies could still hit the overload button. These three easy steps are the ideal introduction to the fast-paced court game.

The absolute beginners guide to England netball in a single cheat sheet page should make the grade. It will help all aspiring players and partisan spectators of the sport.

It shouldn’t take long to limber up with these top three netball basic rules and elementary laws. You can improve your game even further by testing your knowledge of definitions.

Got some time to learn the lingo? Check out hundreds of keywords and netball terminology used by players and officials.

Netball Rules for Dummies

In fact, we explain the meaning of ‘dummy or dodge‘ in our comprehensive list of netball terms and top key words.

Dummying occurs when a player fakes or feigns a ball pass. It occurs through deception and cunning movement. It fools the opposition and creates space for a fellow team player to receive the ball.

How to Play Netball for Beginners

1. Simple Netball Rules

According to the simple rules of netball, a maximum seven players get allowed on court at any time. All players must remain inside their designated field areas.

They cannot travel (move around) when they have the ball (in possession).

2. Fouls and Offences

Physical contact is not allowed in netball. Contact means snatching or hitting the ball away from a player’s hands.

Defending too close to the player with the ball means you must be at least 3 feet away until the ball gets released. The player in possession of the ball must release or pass it within 3 seconds.

England Netball for Dummies and Complete Beginners3. Shooting for Goal

When the referee calls the defence to the circle they must remain behind the shooter. The shooter may shoot for goal or pass the ball.

A ball out of court gets awarded to the opposing team of the player who made the last contact with the ball. The ball should get played back into court within three seconds from where it crossed the line.

This simple cheat sheet covered 3 basic regulations and tactics in a dummy edition. Right now is the ideal time to read the top 10 rules of netball for the next level.

How to Play Netball for Dummies: A Guide for Beginners