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Facts on Netball History in England

The History of Women's Netball Dates Back Long Ago to 1892

THE HISTORY OF NETBALL: When was netball invented? Netball facts suggest the game’s history dates back to 1892.

That is when the women’s version of basketball or ‘net ball‘ became a trendy new sport for females.

Netball history has more than one indisputable account. It generally depends on who you believe and how much research you can cover.

Who Invented Netball?

Our research team made an effort to solve the mystery of when was netball first played by women. They scoured the historical archives and produced this article. They based this information on the most reliable facts about netball history.

History books suggest that James Naismith involved. He was a 30 year old Canadian sports coach at the time. We understand he is the original person who invented the men’s game of basketball in America in the year of 1890.

Where does Netball Originate From?

The Boston YMCA invited him to develop a new women’s version of the sport. They wanted it based on the same mechanics as basketball. Thus, the earliest version of ladies’ netball rules and regulations became a reality.

Development and Facts about Netball

In fact, they made history when they invented ‘net ball‘ for ladies. It was the newly accepted and derived version of the basketball game.

People regarded it as the trendy new sport for women at the time. During the 20th century, the game became increasingly popular. That is when competitive netball matches started to spread internationally.

They standardized the official rules in the 1960s.

Nowadays, the International Netball Federation ‘IFNA Rule Book‘ regulates the global sport. In 1963, the inaugural World Netball Championships took place.

Since 1998, the women’s indoor sport has become a regular event at the Commonwealth Games.

In many ways it remains historically as an amateur sport for women. Even so, worldwide reports suggest netball gets played by more than 20 million people. There are strong goals for the game’s inclusion in future Olympic Games.

The History and Origins of Netball in England