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UK List of Welfare Benefits: Your Rights

What are your rights to financial benefits entitlement in the United Kingdom? This list of UK benefits covers all the categories for your rights to social welfare.

BENEFITS AND WELFARE ADVICE: Check your justified allowances and benefits entitlement. It is your statutory right during tough times.

But, you should not abuse the social security system and regulations. Payment subsidies exist to help and support those who 'genuinely' need them the most. It is part of statutory employment rules and regulations.

The British Government punishes benefit fraudsters. They are also active in discouraging any cheating of welfare state help.

What is the welfare benefits? Receiving welfare benefit means you get support and payments from the United Kingdom Government.

As a rule, welfare benefits and allowances are for people on low incomes. Their rights to benefits help them meet their specific needs. Use the benefits calculator and this UK benefits list to find out what you're entitledto.

List of Benefits UK Guide

UK Benefits EntitlementBenefit Entitlement

BENEFITS ENTITLEMENT: A category list of topics about claiming your benefits entitlement. There is further information on social security rules and eligibility criteria. Find out how benefit payments get paid and when.

The entitlements section also lists categories for making an appeal to the tribunal. Find information on benefit fraud regulations and a full list of benefits you can claim.

UK Carer and Disability BenefitsCarer and Disability Benefits

CARER'S BENEFITS: This category is all about the claims for carers and disability benefits. Learn about the Carer's Allowance and how PIP is replacing DLA. Find further information on the new Employment and Support Allowance.

UK Benefits for ChildrenChild Benefit

BENEFITS FOR CHILDREN: A list of benefits for those with children. Check the eligibility criteria for claiming benefits for your child in the UK. Find out what happens when child benefit stops and how to make a complaint about poor service.

Childcare and ParentingChildcare and Parenting

MOTHERHOOD: The Childcare and Parenting section covers topics which matter most to parents. They include first-timers with newborns and those who need help raising a child in the UK.

UK Death and BenefitsDeath Benefits

BENEFITS AFTER A DEATH: Information about bereavement payments and grants for funeral expenses. The section lists the full range of death benefits and how to claim.

UK Benefits for FamiliesFamily Benefits

BENEFITS FOR FAMILIES: A list of welfare benefits for families with children. The family benefits section covers Childcare, the Sure Start Maternity Grant, and more. There is extra advice about Child Trust Funds.

Heating BenefitsHeating Benefits

HEATING BENEFIT: A list of topics for claiming heating benefits in the UK. Get the essential information on the cold weather payment and winter fuel payments.

Housing BenefitsHousing Benefits

HOUSING BENEFIT: You may qualify for housing benefit if you are on a low income. The housing allowance also applies to those who are in employment in some cases.

Jobseeker's Allowance (JSA)Jobseekers

JOBSEEKER'S ALLOWANCE: A section listing how to claim JSA and Low Income Benefits in the UK. It has extra help and advice on Income Support, Budgeting Loans, and Pension Credit.

UK Tax Credits RegulationsTax Credits

TAX ALLOWANCES: The benefits list includes a category on Working Tax Credits claims. Check how Stoppages and Child Tax Credit Allowance works in the United Kingdom. Find essential information and advice about what happens when your tax credits stop.

List of Benefits You Can Claim: A Listing of Rights to Social Welfare in the United Kingdom