Tax Credits 2022/23: WTC and CTC Guide

What are tax credits? There are two main categories of tax credits. The two different types are Working Tax Credit (WTC) and Child Tax Credits (CTC). Details in this overview will help you to determine whether you are eligible to claim tax credits. Extra information explains how HMRC work out the award and how to get tax credits.


This section lists the categories for claiming your rightful tax credits and allowances.
Those who qualify receive money. The UK Government sends out regular payments into your bank account.

When does Child Tax Credit stop? You can find current information on the Child Tax Credit allowance in the United Kingdom.

Find essential information and advice about what happens when your tax credits stop. Do you need to know how to appeal or complain about tax credits?

The guide also has important advice about the tax credit payment dates for 2022. Find out what happens if the benefits office stop paying your tax credits. We also explain how to claim and renew tax credits and what to do about overpayments.

Guide to Tax Credits: Category Overview

This is one of the bigger sections of the welfare system. So, for simplicity we have divided the information you need into three main categories:

  1. A list explaining what you can get and how it might affect other benefits.
  2. A section that explains how to manage your tax credits and how the renewal process works.
  3. Extra information with help and advice.

Note: Clicking on any of the page links will take you through to the relevant section to get further details.

1. What Tax Credits You Can Get

Working Tax Credit 2022/23

The means-tested benefit can boost weekly earnings for working people on a low income. Check out the Working Tax Credit eligibility criteria and how to claim it.

Child Tax Credit 2022/23

You do not need to be working to claim Child Tax Credit payments for a child under sixteen (16) years of age. Check how much you could get if you are responsible for one or more children.

How to Claim Tax Credits

The UK Government is replacing tax credits with Universal Credit. Use this guide to find out how to claim tax credits until you qualify for Universal Credit.

Note: Some welfare payments and allowances are means tested and some are not. A different section contains a list of means tested benefits and explains how they differ to non-means tested benefits.

BENEFITS OVERVIEW: The list of UK benefits and allowances covers all categories of social welfare. Check out your rights to financial benefits and allowances in the United Kingdom.

2. Manage and Renew Tax Credits

Manage Your Tax Credits

This important guide will help you to manage tax credits with a list of numbers and addresses. You can also use downloadable forms to report changes to family and work life.

Tax Credits Renewal

You can only renew your tax credits claim for the current tax year. Contact the tax credit helpline if you missed the application deadline.

Ending Your tax Credits

The section will help if you want to stop claiming tax credits. Most claimants will end their tax credits award when they start claiming Universal Credit.

Changes affecting Tax Credits

You must report changes that affect tax credits to HMRC. A change to your family or work life could mean they go up, go down, or completely stop.

When Your Child Turns 16

At what age do Child Tax Credits stop? As a rule, Child Tax Credits stop when a child turns 16. Even so, some exceptions exist for teenagers up to 20 years old.

If You Leave the United Kingdom

Check what happens to tax credits if you leave the UK and go to live abroad. The section explains the procedures if you live overseas or go travelling.

If You Move to the United Kingdom

The section explains tax credits if you move to the United Kingdom. There is information for cross-border workers and those subject to immigration control.

Tax Credits Overpayments

There are several reasons why you might get a tax credit overpayment. Check how to use the HMRC tax credit repayment helpline and the correct methods to follow.

3. Help and Advice about Tax Credits

Tax Credits Calculator

Check out how to use the tax credit calculator 2022 for the current tax year. The online tool can help you work out the total amount you might get.

Benefit Cap

The cap limits the total amount of benefit that most people can get between the ages of 16 and 64. Check a list of benefit cap amounts and which benefits it will affect.

Childcare Voucher Calculator

The online facility helps you determine whether claiming tax credits is best – or not. Parents should use the childcare vouchers better off calculator as a general guide only.

How Benefits affect Each Other

Discover how tax credits affect other benefits and what impact it would have if you claim Housing Benefit. The section also explains how the Tax Credit Office operate tax credits checks.

Tax Credit Payment Dates

Check your next tax credits payment dates 2022 and find out when they get paid. You may get them early if the due date falls on a bank holiday.

Working Out Childcare Costs

You may qualify to claim tax credits if you have a baby. Claimants who already get tax credits may get more money if they have a baby.

Deal with Someone Else’s Tax Credits

You will need permission to claim or deal with tax credits for someone else. What you want to do as an appointee will determine what type of permission you need.

Tax Credits Appeals and Complaints

The section has information on tax credits appeal and complaints procedures. Find out which appeal form you should use and how to dispute a decision or make a complaint.

Tax Credits General Enquiries

The qualifying questionnaire will help you check whether you qualify for tax credits. You can then get a tax credits claim form or correct a mistake.

Calculate Your Part-Year Profits

The government part-year profits calculator will help you complete entry box 2.4 of the award review. The online tool is for self-employed workers.

Universal Credit

UC is a new benefit system is replacing tax credits. Check out how Universal Credit rules might affect you as the roll out continues across the United Kingdom.

Note: People who are unable to work their normal hours due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) will still receive their usual tax credits payments.

Guide to Tax Credits in the United Kingdom