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Tax Credits Helpline and Opening Hours

The information below shows you how to phone or write to HMRC. Contact them if you need help managing or renewing your tax credits online or by phone.

GENERAL ENQUIRIES: There are several ways of contacting HMRC about your tax credits.

You may also find some new security procedures in place if you contact the tax credits helpline telephone number.

HMRC tax credit helpline uses the ‘ID Authentication Service‘ security system. IDAS checks the identity of all claimants who contact the helpline telephone number.

This process applies to callers for general enquiries, disputes, and anyone requesting claim forms.

Issues can arise on matters where claimants report particular changes to their circumstances. They sometimes have disputes about incorrect advice given to them. The best policy is to keep evidence of your contact with the specific office or tax credit department.

Contacting HM Revenue and Customs: 3 Helpful Tips

  1. Keep notes of any telephone conversations and meetings with personnel at HMRC. Being able to confirm dates, times and contact names, along with a brief note of the discussion, is useful.
  2. Consider sending any letters by recorded delivery. That means staff at HMRC will sign for acceptance of the letter. You can also ask the Post Office for proof of postage and always keep a copy of any letters and enclosures you send.
  3. Set up a file where you keep all copies of notices, letter, and tax credit forms. This is a good place to add details used to fill out claim forms and how you made any relevant calculations.

Tax Credits Helpline Number (0345)

You can phone the Tax Credits Office for general enquiries, to request a claim form, or to inform HMRC about changes to your circumstances. You can also get face to face or hotline advice if you have special needs.

Telephone: 0345 300 3900
Textphone: 0345 300 3909
Outside United Kingdom: +44 2890 538 192
Check free phone calls and 0345 charges.

Tax Credits Opening Times

Monday to Friday: 8am to 8pm
Saturday: 8am to 4pm
Sunday: 9am to 5pm

Note: Generally, the least busy times to call are early mornings and early afternoons Tuesdays to Thursdays and Sundays. The helpline operates on some bank holidays but not Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day, and Easter Sunday.

HMRC Tax Credits Address

Tax Credit Renewal Forms

HM Revenue and Customs Tax Credit Office
Tax Credit Office
HM Revenue and Customs
United Kingdom

New Tax Credit Claims

HM Revenue and Customs Tax Credit Office
Tax Credits Claims
HM Revenue and Customs
United Kingdom
(There is no need to include a street name or PO Box)

Change of Circumstances or Complaints

Make the reason for writing clear so the office can differentiate between a complaint and a change of circumstances. For example you can write the word ‘complaint‘ or ‘change of circumstances‘ at the top of your letter.

HM Revenue and Customs Tax Credit Office
HM Revenue and Customs
Tax Credit Office
United Kingdom
(There is no need to include a street name or PO Box)

Correspondence for Appeals, Disputes, or Mandatory Reconsideration

HMRC Tax Credit Office
Preston PR1 4AT
(There is no need to include a street name or PO Box)

Manage Tax Credits with Online Forms

Use this service to manage your tax credits online because it is the easiest and quickest way for you to:

  • Renew your tax credits, find out when you will be paid, or find out how much you will be paid.
  • Tell the Tax Credit Office about changes to your circumstances (e.g. you have moved home).

Before you start you are likely to need:

  1. Your National Insurance number.
  2. A telephone to receive a code for signing in to your account.
  3. An online reference number for those who are renewing tax credits 2022 (found on your tax credits renewal pack).

You can also use the downloadable forms to report any changes to your personal or family circumstances.

Note: Ruth is the HMRC automated chatbox assistant. She can answer simple questions and give you useful website links. But, she cannot answer ‘private’ questions so do not give any personal details. You can also set up a Government Gateway ID or re-register for an account, if you do not have one, as part of this service.

Tax Credits Helpline Opening Times: General Enquiries Contact Information