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Rounders Equipment List and Kit

The most basic rounders equipment list should include a bat, a ball, and four post markers. This is the minimum rounders set you need for recreational contests or friendly games in park gardens.

EQUIPMENT FOR ROUNDERS: Listing the essential rounders kits needed to play the game safely.

There is extra information about rounders equipment regulations and the playing field preparation.

Your game should follow the Rounders England rules and regulations for competitive fixtures.

You may need to find a reputable rounders equipment supplier to buy professional kit.

We would not consider the game as being a physical contact sport.

But, there are some basic rules to follow for health and safety in rounders. All equipment in rounders should be manufactured for player safety and for the general purpose of the game.

Rounders Equipment Regulations

The modern game is still played and enjoyed by families, using any basic rounders set they can find. Childhood memories remind us of times when we had fun playing with a ragged tennis ball, a wooden stick, and four shirt tops used as bases.

Beyond a simple rounders kit format, this is the complete rounders equipment list you need to play the game at higher levels. Particularly during competitive school games and tournaments around the United Kingdom.

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Rounders Field

Rounders pitches should have a 2.5 meter bowler's square positioned 7.5 meters from the batter's square. The 2 meter batting square is smaller than the bowling square.

When you are marking out a rounders pitch the Backstop line should be clearly marked out one meter behind the batting square. Four upright posts should be correctly positioned around the bowling square.

Rounders Bat and Ball

The truncheon shaped rounder bat should have a secure grip. Any binding should be appropriate for safe gripping.

As a rule, the best modern rounders bats are usually made from wood or plastic. A metal rounders bat is usually aluminium which is not too heavy to handle for most batters.

According to rounders bat regulations it should be no longer than 46 centimetres (18 inches). A rounder bat must not be more than 17 centimetres (6 inches round) in diameter.

Rounders Balls

Rounders bowling rules permit you to play the game with white or coloured balls. Perhaps a traditional hard white ball is more practical if you are playing in a grassy green garden.

Rounders balls should clean and have no raised seams. The outer stitching should be uniform, not frayed or torn. Ball stitching should be flush to the leather material covering the surface of the round ball.

The circumference of a rounders ball should be 18 to 20 centimetres (7 to 8 inches). Balls should weigh between 65 and 85 grammes (2.2 to 3 ounces).

They often become heavier when they are wet. So schools usually use a softer version. Competitive rounders rules and regulations do not allow the use of heavy wet balls.

Rounders Posts and Bases

Four rounders posts should be set out in a diamond shape and fitted with safety caps. Even though they are not fixed into the ground, they usually have a base for extra support.

Rounders bases are often made from wood, plastic, or metal. Using rounders bases also helps to keep the poles in a vertical position. Ideally, a soft plastic sheath should be covering wooden posts to reduce injuries.

As you can see there are only a few simple rules in the equipment for rounders regulations. Little can go wrong with a simple set of rounders bats and balls.

Note: Rounders safety regulations suggest a minimum post swing around 50 cm from its upright position is safe and acceptable.

Rounders Kits

Even though rounders can be a simple garden game, it makes sense to use kit which is suitable for the purpose. Traditional sports kits are appropriate and acceptable for both teams to wear.

In competitive and regulated games, and in English schools, player shirt numbers must be visible to the umpires. Wearing astro shoes or some specified types of football boots are better in wet weather conditions.

But, the regulations prohibit playing in spiked footwear such as track running spikes.

What Do Umpires Wear in Rounders?

Rounders umpire uniform consists of a few basic items. A rounders official would usually wear bright white shoes and a white polo shirt. Most umpires dress in white shorts and a baseball type cap.

The main role of rounders umpires is officiating the match. So an essential piece of rounders umpire uniform would be a trendy whistle strung around their neck.

Rounders Players Health and Safety Rules

The governance of Rounders England health and safety rules takes place from Sheffield. They are the non-profit sport's governing body (NGB) in the United Kingdom. Rounders England is totally committed to safeguarding children and young players.


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