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Health and Safety in Rounders

The governance of Rounders England health and safety rules takes place from Sheffield. They are the non-profit sport's governing body (NGB) in the United Kingdom.

Information in this section examines and explains the principal roles and responsibilities of officials in Rounders.

ROUNDERS SAFETY RULES: Rounders England is totally committed to safeguarding children and young players.

Umpires and officials in Rounders hold a position of trust. Their role often involves having some physical contact with young people.

Health and safety in Rounders, and risk assessment regulations, must pay special attention to child protection and equality.

As such, teachers and trainers should present a professional image at all times. Wearing appropriate attire, and displaying punctual timekeeping, is paramount.

All those involved should have regard for the best interests of the game. It would be unprofessional to circulate detrimental material of the governing body. It includes verbal and written comments such as published articles and on Internet forums.

But wait – there’s more:

There are some general Rounders health and safety rules when playing or on duty. They govern inappropriate behaviour, such as drinking alcohol or smoking. Hence, Rounders safety rules ban the use of recreational drugs by players and by the officials.

Inappropriate foul language, and displaying unsporting conduct, has no place in the game. Umpires in Rounders should give clear warnings to any players who display abusive behaviour or use inappropriate language.

England Rounders Risk Assessment

Risk assessment is an integral part of health and safety for Rounders rules. Before allowing play to begin, one of the primary duties of umpires and coaches is to carry out a health and safety risk assessment for the game.

Rounders Safety Equipment

Rounders Bat Regulations

All Rounder bats should have a secure grip which is suitable for anyone who plays the game (e.g. small children). Similar to those used in softball rules, the surface of the cylindrical bat should be smooth and free from dirt.

There should be no loose fragments of wood or metal on Rounders bats because they might cause hand splinters.

Health and Safety in Rounders England RulesAluminum Rounders Bat UK:

  • An aluminium bat should have caps and grips fitted. Check to make sure the grips and covers cannot become loose.

Plastic Rounders Bat:

  • The surface of a plastic bat should be smooth and free from dirt.

Wooden Rounders Bats:

  • Keep the surface of a wooden bat smooth and free from grime. Spliced wooden bats should have tight binding. All the joints and bindings should be firm and secure.

Rounders Ball Regulations

You can play the game with a white ball (such as the ones used in baseball games) or with coloured balls. It is best to consider the playing conditions (e.g. green turf) before choosing the Rounders ball colour.

The official ball regulations govern the stitching. It should be flush to the outer covering and free from any raised seams. All ball stitching should be uniform and tight. So, there should be no frayed edges.

The outer covering of the balls should be free from projections and tears. Keep the ball clean, dry, and free from dirty substances during play.

Rounders Ball Weight

Rounders England place weight limits on some of the equipment. In fact, a wet leather ball could weigh heavier than the Rounders equipment rules and specifications allow.

Players need to get a firm grip on the bat and ball equipment. So, remember to slowly dry out and store the bats and balls in a safe dry place.

Rounders Posts and Bases

Rounders posts must have a safety cap fitted and be supported by a secure base. The base must be of a rubber-like substance. Do not fix posts and bases into the ground.

Only use wooden posts if they are sheathed in a smooth plastic cover. There should be a minimum post swing of 50 centimetres (20 inches) before the post returns to its correct upright position.

Rounders Kit UK

Even though most sports kits are acceptable, any kit used by the players must be suitable for its purpose. Rounders England recommend wearing football boots or sports shoes and footwear like astro turf trainers in soggy wet weather.

The health and safety rules in Rounders games prohibit the wearing of spiked footwear. That means you cannot wear shoes with running spikes.

England Rounders games often take place in the cold winter months. Be sure to wear warm clothing during the cooler outdoor season (e.g. November to March).

Note: A peaked cap and sunglasses will keep you more comfortable during the warmer summer months if you are playing in the United Kingdom.

Health and Safety for Players

  • Rounders safety rules suggest removing any sharp jewellery (e.g. rings) or taping it safe and secure.
  • Some governing bodies do not allow players under the age of fourteen (14) to play in the adult teams.
  • As a rule, a maximum of five (5) male players can play on the pitch during competitive mixed gender games.

According to Rounders rules and regulations there should be at least six (6) players in each team. Having six or more means that one player can position themselves next to a post (e.g. covering all four).

You would then have enough players to field a backstop and a bowler while the rest of the team fields the game (maximum 9 players on the pitch).

Playing Rounders while Pregnant
Rounders England handles the management and training of the England Rounders Senior Squad. They do not recommend participation in the sport during pregnancy.
It could be a potential risk to health and safety rules in Rounders. So, the recommendation is to seek medical consent on fitness before participating whilst pregnant.

Waiting batters must stand clear away from the 4th post. Fielders must not obstruct any batters running around the pitch.

Note: This would be a breach of Rounders rules called obstruction. The penalty would be the award of half a Rounder (½) to the obstructed team.

Rounders Umpire Health and Safety Rules

There are many ways umpires keep control of the players during the game. This is a basic list of some of their responsibilities.

  • Rounders umpires work in a position of trust and should ensure all players play the game by the rules.
  • Treat all participants and players with respect and as equals.
  • Do not allow discrimination against race, age, gender, or religion. Use common courtesy regarding a disability, a player’s sexual orientation, culture, or social background.
  • Showing regard for health and safety Rounders participants, and having accountability to spectators, is foremost.
  • Use the unsporting conduct rule only after already warning the player or the team. An exception is for cases of gross misconduct or violence.
  • Officiating officials should NOT show any favouritism towards a team or towards any of the players.
  • Umpires and officials must show total adherence to Rounders England rules in relation to the policy on bribery and bias.
  • The officials in charge should have access to a telephone to contact emergency services if needed.

Note: The match umpires also have the duty of checking the condition of equipment for Rounders meets the current guidelines. The same section also covers what clothing officials wear for a uniform.

Role of Rounders Officials

Two Rounders Umpires

What are the two umpires called in Rounders? In fact, there are two different types of officials. So, as a referee of the game, the roles and responsibilities of Rounders umpires also have differing duties.

Batting Umpire:

  • The batsman’s umpire should stand level with the batsman inside the batting square. Their position must allow them to see the 1st post without a need to turn their head.

Bowling Umpire:

  • The position of the bowler’s umpire should allow them to see all Rounders rules’ infringements. You might consider this as being one of the most complex roles of officials in Rounders.
Batsman Umpire Duties

The main job of a batsman’s umpire is keeping score of the game using the Rounders scoring system to track any runs achieved. They should also announce any ‘no balls’ and state the score for both sides.

A batsman umpire decides whether the ball gets played as a backwards hit or not. They should also call in the next batter by announcing their name and number.

Bowler Umpire Duties

The bowler’s umpire should call play at the start of each game. They also have the added responsibility of calling the Rounders no ball rule for a wide.

There is another duty for these Rounders officials. They regulate whether a bowler puts his foot over the side or back lines of the bowling square. As a rule, their tasks can include giving decisions on runs to the 2nd and the 3rd post.

Umpiring Courses in England

What basic qualifications do you need to be a Rounders official? Anyone with a passion for the game, and a willingness to support others, can become a coach or an umpire.

Check the England Rounders website for further information on their three (3) hour preliminary umpire course. It is the first award of the umpiring pathway (minimum age 14).

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