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Rounders Terminology Definition

"In Terms of Rounders: Bat Your Way Through and Have a Ball!'

ROUNDERS TERMS: A concise list of terminologies of rounders. You will find 100s of rounders terms and definitions used by players and officials, all listed from A to Z.

Rounder teams and match referees can use this vocabulary of rounders game terminology. The English titles and common match rulings will also help spectators and sports fans.

The official rounders rules and regulations is a good place to start if you are learning to play. These rounders keywords cover the advanced lingo and sports terms related to the game.

You can bat your way through to the most common rounders terminology by clicking the alphabetic facility below. Or, take a timeout and sharpen your knowledge and understanding of the indoor court game.

This comprehensive list of rounders definition and terms continues to grow. Check in often for more information associated to rounders playing techniques and match-winning strategies.

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A – AOP (analysis of performance)

There are many important skills and techniques required in Rounders.

The analysis of performance relates to the identification of the important skills and techniques needed for a participant in their position and role.

B – Backstop in Rounders

The role of the rounders backstop is guiding the bowlers throw to the batter.

Back stop rounders cup their hands in the appropriate ending space for the ball. That means the backstop’s hands become a target for the bowler.

Backward Area

In rounder terminology the backward area gets represented by an area of ground behind the front line of the batting zone.

Backward Hit

Making a backward hit means the ball got struck directly behind and into the backward area.


As a rule a rounders ball is leather with a circumference between 180 and 200 millimeters (7.1 to 7.9 inches). In Rounders England rules the ball is usually white in colour.


Rounders England rules regulate the bat to be no longer than 460 millimeters (18 inches) in length. It should be a maximum of 170 millimeters (6.7 inches) in diameter with a weight limit of 370 grams (13 ounces).

Batsman Outline and Waiting Line

The batsman outline is an area 10 meters minimum behind the front line of the batting square. It is 15 meters on both sides of the front right hand corner of the batting square. The lines are then marked 2 meters long from that point.


In rounders terminology, batting refers to the time when the batsman strikes the ball with the large truncheon shaped bat. The objective, as a rule, is to hit the ball forward and into the playing zone.

Batting Area

The batting area is a 12 meter zone which houses the batting square.

Batting Square

The rounders phrase ‘batting square‘ is a term used to describe the box shaped zone in which all bats must get taken.

According to the codified rounders rules and regulations in the United Kingdom, batting squares should be a squared ground measurement of 2 meters by 2 meters.

The front line of the batting square extends 12 meters minimum in either direction.

The area in front of this line toward the bowling square gets called the forward area. The area behind it is the backward area.

The front line is parallel with and 7.5m away from the front line of the bowling square. All the boundary lines of the box are part of the square.

Bowling Square

The bowling square measures 2.5 meters square (8 feet by 8 feet) and all bowls must occur from within the square. As one of the most common rounders keywords the boundary markings are part of the bowling square.

C – Club

Find a Rounders Club in your area. Rounders England are working hard with delivery partners to provide playing opportunities near to you.

Coach (coaching courses)

Rounders England can help you to organise your education courses and become a Rounders coach. You can gain qualifications in preparation for the competitive rounders season.

Coaching Drills

Take your rounders game to the next level by practicing properly planned training sessions with the latest rounders drills and skills. It will give you more confidence with more enjoyment from the game.

Court (pitch)

In rounders terms the rounders court and court markings refer to the playground area where the game gets played. It is synonymous with the word ‘pitch‘ when marking out the court (see below).

D – Duration

The rules of rounders game state that there is no official set time limit in the duration of regulation play. Officially, the game finishes after all the batters get struck out over two separate innings.

As an alternative to the regular rules, the team that leads by five rounders or more can decide to make the other team bat on, forfeiting their own second innings.

E – EquipmentRounders Terminology: Bat and Ball Equipment Set

The approved England Rounders equipment list includes a rounders bat, a stick, rounders balls, posts and bases to make a full set.

F – Field

In rounders keywords the ‘field‘ describes where all players get involved in the game. The rules and regulations of rounders game allows nine from each team on the field at any one time.


In rounders terminology ‘fielding‘ refers to the team who is not batting. The fielding team have players who bowl to the batters and try to get the opposing team out. Using defending strategies and rounders fielding techniques is part of the team game.

G – Game Rules

Having evolved since the simple ‘bat and ball‘ fun days, anyone familiar with baseball or softball will pick up the similarities in the rules for rounders game. You should find the fundamental regulations of rounders relatively easy to understand.

GCSE Rounders Drills

Schools in England often use rounders coaching drills for GCSE students to practice. They often use a combination of fielding drills and rounders batting drills to accomplish the task.


Rounders catching gloves are usually made from leather with a padded palm and sturdy Velcro wrist fastening. As a rule, you can buy rounders gloves in Junior and Ladies sizes. But remember to throw with your right hand and catch the ball with your gloved left hand (or vice versa).

H – Half-rounder

One of the most common terms used in the game of rounders is the half-rounder. Half-rounders get scored when the batter successfully circumnavigates the track but without having hit the ball.

Health and Safety

The governance of Rounders England health and safety rules takes place from Sheffield. They are the non-profit sport’s governing body (NGB) in the United Kingdom.

Note: Rounders England is totally committed to safeguarding children and young players.

I – Innings

Each rounders match is usually made up of two separate innings for each team. The inning begins when the first ball gets bowled and ends when the batters have all been declared out.

J – Jokes

A selection of children’s rounders jokes which are usually meant for amusement only.

  1. Example: Why did Cinderella get thrown out of the rounders team? Because she kept running away from the ball.

K – Kit

Rounders’ players should wear numbered vests which must be of different colors for each team. Wearing spiked boots is not permitted in rounders regulations.

L – Line Width

Rounders line widths should be 2.5 centimeters as a minimum and a maximum of 5 centimeters. The lines are white in colour as a rule.

M – Match

Most matches follow the general rounders rules that consist of five innings to constitute a complete game. But it can depend on the experience level of the match.

N – No-ball in Rounders

A no-ball is one of the important terms used in the game of rounders and occurs for any of the following situations:

  • When the bowler’s under-arm action is not considered to be continuous.
  • If the bowler does not keep his feet inside the bowling square before releasing the ball.
  • When the bowler directs the ball on to the wrong side of the batter or at the batter’s body.
  • If the bowled ball reaches higher than the batter’s head or lower than the knee.

O – Obstructions

As a rule, obstructions get classed as either a fielder blocking a batter’s hit or run, or a batter deviating from the track. In both situations the obstruction is interfering with a fielder’s play.

Officials in Rounders

The role of officials in rounders is overseeing the rules of the game and promoting fair play. The regulations allow two rounders officials (umpires) for officiating a rounders game.

  1. The first official is the batting umpire in rounders. He must have a clear view at all times of the batting square and the first post without having to turn their head.
  2. The second umpire is the bowler’s regulator. They may consult each other, and their decisions on the state of play are final. After the first inning is complete, the two umpires swap positions on the pitch in the interest of fairness.


Rounders regulations consider a batter as ‘out‘ when:

  • His or her feet are not fully inside the batting box before the ball gets struck.
  • While making a run, they are on the inside of the post.
  • When a fielder, or the ball the fielder has thrown, reaches the post before the batter.
  • If they get caught out.
  • Any time the batter:
    • Deliberately blocks a fielder.
    • Overtakes another batter.
    • Moves from a post before the ball has been thrown.

P – Penalty Half-rounder

In rounders terminology a penalty half-rounder may get awarded to the batting team. It occurs when the bowler throws two no-balls in a row or if a batter’s play gets blocked by an opposing fielder. A half-rounder may also get awarded to the fielding team. It occurs if they get obstructed by the waiting batting team.

Pitch Markings

Rounders pitch regulations are quick and easy to layout and mark. Nonetheless, the correct square size for batters and bowlers for a rounders playing surface, as well as specific perimeter line measurements and post positions, must follow certain dimension rules for official England games.


Posts are the rounders terms for 4 vertical poles which should be 1.2 meters high (4 feet) and supported on bases. Rounders posts should get placed at the corners of the running track but not fixed into the ground.

Q – Qualifications

Level 1 Award in Coaching Rounders (QCF) qualification aims to provide learners with an introduction into the principles and practice of safe, ethical and effective management and coaching of Rounders sessions.

This rounders qualification benefits individuals for teaching as an assistant normally under the supervision of a Level 2 qualified Rounders coach, to adults and young people in an appropriate environment.

R – Rounder

A ‘rounder‘ is rounders terminology for a score awarded to the batter. It occurs if he successfully strikes the ball and he reaches the fourth post before another ball gets bowled.


Rounders is an English game which is often compared to baseball and another non-contact sport called softball. The game of rounders is played by striking the ball with a bat which is then followed by a hasty run around the track to score a rounder. At the end of the game, the team with the most rounders is the winner.

UK Rounders is a game played mostly by women and children because it is recreational rather than highly competitive. Even so, mixed-sex teams are growing in popularity in England and beyond.

Rounders – Rotten Tomatoes (movie)

Rounders (1998) Rotten Tomatoes is a movie set against the backdrop of New York’s high-stakes underground poker world.

Running Track

A running track comprises of a solid line extending from the front right hand corner of the batting square. It measures 12 meters long to the first post. The same line will get extended past the first post by 2 meters.

The distance from the batting square to the second post and the first post to the third post is 17 meters. The fourth post measures in a straight line from the third post 8.5 meters and extends 2 meters over the frontline of the batting square.

Lines from the first post to the second post and the second post to the third post should also extend 2 meters respectively.


A batter must always pass on the outside of the post when making a ‘run‘. He should stop at each post on the way round – still carrying the bat – to reach the fourth post.

The batter should remain in contact with the post at all times either by hand or bat. That is until the bowler has put the ball into play when you then remain stationary at a post.

More than one batter at any post is not allowed at any time. A run is invalid if the player leaves their post before the ball gets bowled.

S – Side Out

In rounders vocabulary, ‘side out‘ means there is no batter waiting to bat and all the running batters are out. A few situations that lead to the side out rule in rounders can include:

  • A fielder throwing a full pitch.
  • The ball gets placed into the batter’s square before any batter reaches the fourth post.

Start of Play

To start a game of rounders the two captains toss a coin to see who will take the first inning. After the game has started the batters must stay in the same order throughout both innings.


In rounders terminology the stick is 18 inches long and made of wood, as a rule. The rounders truncheon-like stick must be no more than six and a half inches (rounded cross section) in circumference at the thickest part.


Rounders regulations allow two substitutions. They may occur at any dead-ball situation providing the substitutes got named before play begins. Rounders does not permit substituted players to return to the game.

T – Teams

Each rounders team can have six players (minimum) and a maximum of nine. The maximum number of men allowed in a mixed gender team is five.

U – Umpire

There should be two rounders umpires. They both have specific roles and responsibilities for all games played under the codified rules provided in the Official Rounders Rules book and Rounders England.


As a rule, the guidance for rounders uniforms recommend wearing casual and comfortable clothing. The player’s number should be visible to the umpire if you are playing in a competition.

V – Variations

There are a variety of school games with many similarities to rounders. They work particularly well with older pupils are not particularly interested in Physical Education. This is because it encourages them to take part and builds on their team working skills.

W – Worksheet

Rounders worksheets are often called a task sheet or activity sheets. They are generally designed to promote independent learning with diagrams and teaching points.

X – Xtreme

Rounders Challenge Xtreme are simple kits that include some cones, bats, and balls. Buy the kit online for a fun day playing rounders with the kids in the park.

Y – YouTube Video

A short YouTube video clip of England Rounders rules and information to get you started. Find loads of progressive ideas for contemporary skill development, warm ups, and footage from a Women’s England v Wales match.


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