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Rounders Rules for Beginners

How do you play rounders games for learners? We start off with the top ten playing regulations and main match tactics for all beginners. This is only a simple snapshot of the basic fundamentals. But, it is an ideal place to start if you want to learn how to play rounders game in 5 to 10 minutes of reading.

10 RULES IN ROUNDERS: Learn how to play rounders with this simple rounders rules UK guide.

Learning these 10 basic rules of rounders is helpful for newcomers, kids, and juniors to play the game.

Playing the rules in rounders for kids is the fun way to get your children involved in the outdoor team activity. We call it your essential start to playing the UK-wide popular recreational pastime.

This ancient field game has been popularized as a ‘softer‘ alternative to the hard-hitting rules of baseball game.

Rounders is played as a physical exercise routine at most schools around the United Kingdom.

How to Play Rounders

1. Aim of the Game

The aim of the game ‘Rounders‘ is for two teams to compete against each other. Each team attempts to score more runs (aka rounders) than the opposing team.

2. Rounders Equipment

To play the game you need the basic rounders equipment list. That includes a bat, a ball, and 4 posts which form a diamond shape when they are set out. The pitch should contain a bowler’s square measuring 2.5 meters.

You should position it 7.5 meters from the batter’s square. The batting square is smaller and measures 2 meters.

The exact dimensions are unimportant for a leisurely park game. But, the codified rounders rules and regulations have specified measurements. They also govern and shape for the playing area.

3. Rounders Players

As a rule, each team should have at least 6 players. That allows one person to stand next to each post. Then you have a bowler and the backstop when the team is in the fielding role.

Even though the rules allow 15 members in a squad there should be no more than 9 playing on the field.

4. Starting the Game

When the game begins, one team takes the batting innings while the other team fields and bowls. The bowler bowls the ball to the batter, who hits the ball anywhere on the rounders pitch.

The batter then runs to as many posts as possible before the fielders return the ball to touch the post that the batter is running towards.

5. General Play in Rounders

Teams take turns to play two innings with all players having a turn at batting. An innings is over when all the batting players are either out or at a base. That means there is no-one left to face the next ball.

Batters line up one by one to take their turn in the batting square. The bowler or ‘feeder’ throws the ball towards the batter. A player becomes ‘out’ of the innings when:

  • A batter runs on the inside of the posts or they deliberately throw the bat.
  • The post the batter is running to gets stumped or you overtake a previous batter on the field.
  • The batter misses or hits the ball and their foot is over the front or back line of the batting square.
  • A fielder obstructs a batter or the batter gets caught out.
  • The batter loses contact with the post when the bowler has the ball.

6. Rounders Scoring

You can achieve scoring in rounders by 3 different methods:

  1. If the batter reaches the 2nd or 3rd post in one hit he scores half a rounder.
  2. Batter reaching the 4th post in one hit scores a full rounder.
  3. Runner reaching the 4th post on a no ball scores 1 rounder.

7. Running the Track

Rounders Regulation Game Set of Rounder Bat and BallWhen a batter runs the track they must keep contact with the post (using a hand or bat). You can get stumped out by a fielder at the next post if you fail to keep contact.

There is no rule that you must move to the next post each time a ball gets bowled. But, a batter may not remain at the same post as another batsman.

If you are between posts, you can keep on moving until you reach the following post. But, you cannot keep on moving to the next post when the bowler has the ball in his square.

If a post has been previously stumped, you can run on to it but there will be no score if the next post ahead has been stumped.

8. Batting Rules for Rounders

You can use two hands when batting but you must hold on to the bat while running round the track. Each batter should have one good ball bowled to them.

Batters must wait behind the batting square and well away from the 4th post while waiting for their turn to strike. Players who are ‘out‘ must also wait in the backward area (away from the 1st post).

9. Basic Rounders Rules UK: No Balls

A no ball in rounders occurs when:

  • The ball gets delivered above the head or below the knee or it bounces on its way to the batter.
  • The ball is wide or straight at the batter’s body.
  • The bowler’s foot is outside of the square when they bowl or fail to use a smooth underarm action.
  • Note: you can run on a no ball but only to 1st post and cannot get caught out (scoring remains the same).

10. The Rules of Rounders for Winning the Match

So how do you win the game now that you know how to play rounders? A game of rounders is usually played over two innings. The side with the most rounders after everyone has played both innings are the winners.

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10 Basic Rules of Rounders Game in the United Kingdom