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Passport Rules and Regulations

Passport Rules and Regulations UK

A passport is an official document used most for international travel purposes. This section explains how passport rules and regulations function in the United Kingdom.

UK PASSPORT RULES: The document must be valid to certify the identity and the nationality of its holder. It continues to do so until it expires.

As a rule, a standard passport will display important information about the holder such as:

The embedded biometric information makes modern passports a machine-readable document. The process means they are difficult to counterfeit.

In most cases, the holder of a passport has entitlement to enter the country that issued it. Even so, not everyone entitled to a passport will have full citizenship with the right of abode.

It is not uncommon for certain organisations to request a copy of a passport ID page. Hotels and local currency exchanges may need it to confirm the holder's identification.

Note: As a rule, a valid passport does not grant any 'rights or privileges' to the holder in the country visited.

Passport Application and Renewal Guide

HMPO stands for Her Majesty's Passport Office and was first established in 2006. It is a division of the Home Office. HM Passport Office took over the role of the UK Identity and Passport Service. It is now the sole issuer of UK passports and provides them for British nationals worldwide.

Passport Advice and Complaints GuidePassport Advice and Complaints

HMPO: You can contact HM Passport Office for advice or complaints about British passports issued in the United Kingdom.

Passport Adviceline
Telephone: 0300 222 0000
Outside UK: +44 (0)300 222 0000
Textphone: 18001 0300 222 0222
Monday to Friday: 8am to 8pm
Weekends and public holidays: 9am to 5:30pm
Learn more about phone call charges.

Her Majesty's Passport Office
PO Box 767

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Apply for a UK Passport OnlineApplying for a Passport

NORMAL SERVICE: You can apply for a passport online or use the same service to renew or upgrade it. The Post Office also have paper application forms if you want to apply by postal methods.

PO CHECK & SEND: The Post Office passport Check and Send service is for paper form passport applications and renewals. Find out how much it costs and where in the UK you can use the service.

URGENT SERVICE: There are several ways to get a passport fast (faster than normal). Find out how to renew or replace a passport urgently using the Premium or Fast Track service.

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ADULT PASSPORTS: Find out how to apply for your first adult passport in the UK. Check out who qualifies for a British passport, how long it takes, the costs, and what documents you need.

COUNTERSIGNATORY: The process of countersigning passport applications and photos helps to prove identity. So, who can countersign passport application forms and photographs and what do they need to do?

Getting a Passport for a ChildGet a Passport for a Child

CHILD PASSPORTS: There are several ways to get a passport for your child or baby. The section explains how to get a first child passport, the process of renewals, and the costs.

Passport Fees GuidePassport Fees

PASSPORT COST: The price of getting a new passport depends on which type you want and how you apply for it. Find out the current passport fees for adult or child passports and the different ways to pay.

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Passport Renewals GuidePassport Renewals

PASSPORT RENEWAL FOR DISABLED: Applying for, or renewing, a passport can be a challenge for people with a disability. But, you can use free facilities and passport services if you are disabled or blind.

How to Report a Lost or Stolen PassportReport a Lost or Stolen Passport

CANCEL PASSPORT: You must cancel a lost or stolen passport abroad or in the United Kingdom. You can get an emergency travel document or a replacement passport if your need to travel is urgent.

Passport Rules and Regulations in the United Kingdom