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How to Get a Passport for Your Child

There are several ways to get passports for children or babies. This section explains how to apply for a first child passport, the process of renewals, and the costs involved.

CHILD PASSPORTS: In the United Kingdom, children’s passports are valid until the child reaches 16 years of age.

You can apply for a child passport while they are under the age of sixteen (16). Once you get it, the child’s passport is valid for five (5) years.

The cost of getting a passport for your child or baby varies:

  • If you apply online the cost is £49 for a child passport.
  • If you apply with a paper form from the Post Office the cost is £58.50.

As a rule, the application process takes up to three (3) weeks for you to receive the official document. But, you can get a passport urgently by using the one week Fast Track service.

Note: The rules are different for overseas British passport applications (e.g. applying from outside of the United Kingdom).

Who Can Apply for a Child Passport

The person who applies for the child or baby passport must have parental rights and responsibilities. The same person (or persons) must also sign the form.

As a rule, you will need to give the details of both parents when you apply. So what if you are unable to provide the details of the other parent?

If only one person applies, you should include a letter with the application. The letter should state why you cannot give the other person’s details. Typical reasons could be if the birth certificate has only one name recorded on it or one person adopted the child on their own.

Which Child Passport should You Apply For?

Apply for a First Child Passport

Unless your child has held a British passport before, you will need to apply for a first child passport. But, the child must be under 16 and have British nationality to meet the requirements.

Renew a Child Passport

Until children reach 16 years old, you can choose to renew a child passport any time you like. You would not lose any time remaining on the existing passport providing it is not more than nine (9) months.

Replace a Lost or Stolen Child Passport

Besides canceling a lost, stolen, or a damaged child passport, you will also need a replacement. There are several easy ways to replace a lost, stolen, or damaged child passport (i.e. online or by post).

Change the Name or Personal Details

If your child changes their name or certain other details they will need to get a new passport. The guide explains the two options for changing the name or personal details on a child passport.

Adopted or Fostered Children and Passports

Special rules apply when getting a passport for an adopted child, foster children, and children in care. The guide also explains the complex process for children born through surrogacy or sperm donation.

How to Get a Passport for a Child in United Kingdom