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How to Get a UK Passport Urgently

Because the current wait time for a UK passport may not be appropriate, there are several ways you can get a passport fast (much quicker than normal). This help guide explains how to renew or replace a passport urgently using the online Premium passport service or the one week Fast Track service.

Premium and Fast Track Passport Services

You need to be in the United Kingdom to use either of the fast passport applications. Choose between the 1 day Premium service or the 1 week Fast Track service if the need is more urgent than normal.

You will need to make a booking and then attend an appointment at a Passport Customer Service Centre. Check a list of passport offices near to your postcode area.

You might need to apply for an emergency travel document instead if you are not in the United Kingdom.

Note: It takes around three (3) weeks to replace or renew a passport online using the non-urgent service if the application is not an urgent one.

Passport Premium 1 Day Service

It is possible to get a passport the same day. You would need to supply a completed application form, 2 photos and all the supporting documents. As a rule, you can collect it four (4) hours after the appointment at a Passport Customer Service Centre.

Passport Fast Track 1 Week Service

Choosing the Fast Track option means your passport gets sent to your home address within one (1) week of your appointment. You need to provide a filled in application form, 2 passport photos, and all supporting documents.

Note: The one week time frame excludes bank holidays in the United Kingdom. Someone may need to sign to accept the delivery at your home address.

Upgrading an Existing Passport Application

Contact the Passport Adviceline if you want to upgrade an existing passport application. As a rule, upgrading only applies in exceptional circumstances (e.g. to travel urgently for medical treatment, a family member is seriously ill or has died). You would not need to book or attend an appointment.

Get a Passport Urgently Price

Note: The current costs listed in the table include the fee for the passport and the type of service chosen.

Type of Passport Premium 1 Day Service Price Fast Track 1 Week Service Price
Renewing a standard adult passport (34-page) £177 £142
Renewing an adult passport (50-page) £187 £152
Change of name in a standard adult 34-page passport (with marriage or civil partnership certificate) £177 £142
Change of name for an adult 50-page passport (with marriage or civil partnership certificate) £187 £152
Change a standard adult 34-page passport N/A £142
Change an adult 50-page passport N/A £142
Replacing a lost, stolen or damaged adult passport N/A £142
First child passport N/A £122
Renew or change a child passport N/A £122
Replace a lost, stolen or damaged child passport N/A £122
Renewal for a British national born on or before the 2nd of September 1929 £77.50 £42.50

Note: Follow these 3 steps to get a passport application form, book an appointment, and pay the current fee. The fee does not get refunded if you cancel or fail to attend the appointment. No refund applies if you fail to bring the completed form, photos, and relevant documents.

  1. You cannot make this type of passport application online. So you will need to get a paper application form from a Post Office.
  2. You can book an appointment online and then pay the non-refundable passport fee by card.
  3. Make sure you fill in the application form and take all your documents to your appointment.

If You Do Not Attend the Appointment

There is no refund of the fee if you cannot go to your appointment. The link in the email confirmation allows you to change the appointment date. But, the booking must be at least two (2) days away to change the schedule.

Providing you are in the United Kingdom, you can send someone else to attend your appointment. Another person can also collect the passport when you use the 1 day Premium service.

Booking an Appointment by Telephone

You will need to contact the Passport Adviceline if you want to make an appointment by phone. But, as a rule it is quicker to book the 1 day Premium or 1 week Fast Track service appointment online.

Fee Refunds for ‘Exceptional Circumstances’

The passport refund form lists some exceptional circumstances for which you can claim a refund. Send it to the same Passport Customer Service Centre where you attended your appointment (addressed to the Customer Service Manager).

Documentation Required at an Appointment

When you go to the passport appointment interview you are going to need:

  • Two (2) identical passport photographs.
  • The completed paper application form obtained from a post office.
  • All relevant supporting documents (the form booklet provides extra details).

Note: Someone else may take the documents to the appointment on your behalf. But, you must be in the United Kingdom at that particular time.

If Someone Else Collects Your Passport

If you do not collect the passport yourself the other person will need to bring:

  • Something that proves their identification (e.g. a passport, driving licence, or recent utility bill).
  • A signed and dated letter from the applicant [you]. It must name the person collecting it for you and give them permission to collect your passport.
  • The receipt for the application (received when the cashier accepted the application).

Passport Online Premium Service (1 day)

It may be possible to renew a passport urgently online. The premium service costs £177. You must apply online using a digital photograph. You then book an appointment to collect the new passport from one of the passport offices.

To apply with online premium 1 day service you are going to need:

  • A device that takes digital photographs (e.g. a digital camera, a smartphone, or a tablet).
  • Someone to help you take the photo (the service explains how to produce the correct image).
  • The old passport and a debit or credit card to make the payment.

Note: The Online Premium service is a trial project. Thus, there are a limited number of appointments granted. You must be at least 16 years old to use this service. But you cannot use it to get your first UK passport or to replace one that got damaged, lost, or stolen.

How to Get a Passport Urgently in the United Kingdom