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Passport Fees Online and by Post

The cost to get a new passport, or renew one, depends on which type you want and how you apply for it. Find out the passport fees for adult or child passports and the different ways to pay.

PASSPORT COST UK: The standard version is cheaper than the jumbo.

You can apply for an adult passport once you get to sixteen (16) years old. You can also choose between applying online or applying by paper form at a Post Office branch.

  • Adult Standard Passport (34-page): £75.50 online and £85 by paper
  • Adult Jumbo Passport (50-page): £85.50 online and £95 by paper
  • Child Passport: £49 online and £58.50 by paper form
  • Passports are free (online or by paper form) for people born on or before the 2nd of September 1929.

As you may expect, getting a passport for a child (under 16) is less expensive than applying for an adult version.

The fee for a UK passport will be different for British nationals who apply from another country. Use the process for overseas British passport applications if you are applying from abroad.

You can use the Post Office passport Check and Send service for paper form passport applications and renewals. Find out how much it costs and where you can use the service in the United Kingdom.

Note: There is a way to get a passport fast, but it will incur some extra costs. Canceling a passport application, or getting refused, will not result in a refund.

Different Ways to Pay for a Passport

Even though there are several payment methods, it will depend on how you apply. As a rule, you can pay using:

  • Cash
  • A credit card or a debit card
  • By cheque or by postal order
Application Cash Accepted Credit or Debit Card Accepted Cheque or Postal Order Accepted
Online No Yes No
By Post No Yes Yes
PO ‘Check and Send’ service Yes Yes Yes to postal order but not cheques

Note: Make cheques or postal orders payable to the correct organisation. Write the application barcode numbers on the reverse side.

Paying Extra for Returned Supporting Documentation

You may need to send supporting documents to HM Passports Office (e.g. NHS records or a birth certificate).

As a rule, HMPO send back the documents by regular postal services. But, you can choose to have them sent by secure delivery for a small fee (about £5). You can choose to use this option on the child passport application form.

Who Qualifies for Free Passports?

British nationals born on or before the 2nd of September 1929 can get a free passport. You can use the standard service to apply or renew a British passport for free.

There is no charge to use the Post Office Check and Send service if you apply with the paper form. Likewise, using the secure delivery is also free for this group of individuals.

But, you would need to pay a fee to use the Fast Track passport service. Choosing the jumbo passport version (50 pages instead of 34) would also incur an extra charge.

Passport Fees in the United Kingdom