How to Register an Old Classic Vehicle

All old vehicles must meet road vehicles regulations if they get driven on the roads. Thus, regulations governing the construction, equipment, and maintenance also apply to old vehicles.

REGISTERING OLD VEHICLES: Classic vehicles include those that have not been taxed since 1983. That means it may not be registered with DVLA.

In this case you should follow instructions and procedures set for first time vehicle registrations.

Get Original Vehicle Registration Number

Often you can register an old vehicle under its original registration number if:

  • It was never registered before at DVLA.
  • The vehicle has an age-related registration number.

In either of these cases you need to:

Note: We recommend contacting the DVLA if you need further details on what you need to provide. Follow that by sending your old vehicle application to:

K and R
SA99 1ZZ

After DVLA Application for Historic Vehicles

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency issue a V5C registration certificate. They will also give you either:

  1. The original registration number.
    1. Note: This means you cannot transfer the registration it or put it onto retention at a later date.
  2. Another registration number appropriate to the age of the vehicle.
    1. Note: A non-suffix or prefix number is non-transferable also.

Registering Old Vehicles in Northern Ireland

The process of DVLA historic vehicle registration differs in Northern Ireland. Send in a completed V62 form and the RF60 form to:

SA99 1ZZ

DVLA will complete the registration of the vehicle and then issue a new V5C log book to the registered keeper. As a rule this process takes around four (4) weeks to complete.


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