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Dole Claimants to Complete 3 New Assignments

The British Government announces three new tasks for dole claimants. The assignments are for people who are out of work and trying to claim unemployment benefit.

NEW DOLE ASSIGNMENTS: First, welfare claimants will need to register with the official jobseeker website.

They will also need to provide the jobcentre with a working email address.

The third assignment is to write an adequate CV. These 3 steps need completing before receiving their rightful benefits and entitlements.

Employment ministers hinted that the change in policy is to ensure dole seekers are serious about searching for work.

Treating them like adults will clearly set out their requirements. It will also help them to move out of the benefit system.

The new tasks will also help provide prepared and enthusiastic job seekers with all important support and advice from their Jobcentre Plus department.

UK Jobseekers Allowance

The UK current Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) starts from £57.90 a week to help while you search for work. The total amount of money that you get depends on a combination of personal ‘means testing‘ circumstances. It also relates to the type of Jobseekers Allowance that you qualify for.

Jobcentre Plus advisers will be demanding the tasks get completed before acceptance into the system. You may get sent on a basic training course if you turn up without having completed the 3 new assignments.

New claimants for the weekly allowance will get subjected to quarterly reviews. The purpose is to evaluate their working situation and access their job objectives.

Reforms are Boosting Employment

The speech delivered by the Work and Pensions Secretary [Mr. Iain Duncan Smith] claimed his benefit reforms are (quote) ‘boosting UK employment’. His foremost intention is clear. Reforming a broken welfare system means getting Britain back to work.

He finished by adding that since the election, the UK has seen striking improvements in the private sector workforce with an increase of 1.7 million.


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Dole Claimants Must Complete Three New Assignments in the United Kingdom