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Checklist when Moving or Retiring Abroad

If you are moving or retiring overseas of the UK you will need to inform several government offices. Check the list of organisations of who to inform when moving abroad from United Kingdom.

MOVING ABROAD CHECKLIST: Each relevant government office needs informing that you are moving or retiring abroad.

There are different national and regional departments that deal with benefits, pensions, and tax.

Inform the Council

You must contact your local council before you move or retire abroad. Giving them a forwarding address means they can contact you after you leave the United Kingdom.

Tell the Benefits Office

There may be several benefits offices to contact and inform them that you are leaving the United Kingdom. They can continue to deal with your benefits even after you moved abroad.

Contacting the benefits office is important. They will inform you whether you can continue to claim benefits while abroad.

An Example: Contact your local Jobcentre Plus office if you get JSA benefit to see if you can continue getting the Jobseeker’s Allowance overseas.

Contact the Pension Centre

If you have a pension you will need to contact the International Pension Centre. They can help you check how moving or retiring abroad affects the State Pension – and how you can claim it.

Informing HM Revenue and Customs

Some changes will happen to tax status if you are leaving the UK to live abroad. Check what steps you must take if you go to work or retire overseas of the United Kingdom.

Another section explains what you must do if you are carrying large amounts of cash when entering or leaving Great Britain to (or from) another country.

Note: Informing HMRC that you are moving or retiring abroad ensures you pay the correct amount of taxation.

The Electoral Register

As a rule, you can still cast your vote in the United Kingdom elections and referendums through the electoral register even after you move or retire overseas.

British Citizenship

Moving or retiring abroad does not affect your UK citizenship. As a UK citizen you keep the right to work and live in any European Economic Area (EEA) country.

Note: Contact the relevant embassy if you plan to work in another country. There will be no change to the rights and status of EU nationals living in the UK while the UK remains in the EU. It also applies to UK nationals living in the EU. Read the government publication ‘UK leaving the EU: what you need to know‘ for further details.

Checklist of Who to Inform when Moving or Retiring Overseas of the United Kingdom