Guide for British Nationals Living Abroad

The support that you can get from UK government services abroad varies on its limitations. Find out what help is available for British nationals while travelling or living overseas.

This help guide highlights some of the things you can do to stay safe abroad. You will find links to further advice and information if you get into difficulty.

LIVING OUTSIDE THE UK: Most of the visits to foreign countries pass by without serious incident. Brits live overseas for a variety of reasons.

They enjoy living abroad and rarely experience significant difficulties. But, living life outside of the United Kingdom can often mean:

  • The language barriers make it difficult understand the legal framework and local conditions.
  • The UK support you could get for free may not be available or expensive.
  • You may have an increased exposure to a variety of risks and threats (e.g. crime, fraud, and scams).

You should always have international travel insurance for a trip overseas. British nationals who live abroad should also get appropriate healthcare cover.

Note: The UK Government cannot, and does not, cover medical costs or make any refunds for lost property.

Are You Going to Live Abroad?

You should consider making plans to go and live abroad as a major decision. It is best to research a wide range of information and advice in advance of the move.

British nationals living overseas can expect to receive the same support as visitors. Check the British Embassy, High Commission or Consulate websites. You can also find useful information about living abroad on the foreign travel advice pages.

Help for British Nationals Abroad

Claiming Welfare Benefits Abroad

You might still be able to claim benefits abroad even while travelling or living overseas. Check out which countries have social security arrangements with the United Kingdom.

Crime and Compensation Overseas

You might expect a visit to a country overseas to be free of trouble. But, it is important to know how to get help as a victim of crime abroad (outside the United Kingdom).

Legalise Your Document

It is not uncommon for an overseas official to want a document legalising in the United Kingdom. Find out how to get your document legalised and the costs involved for apostilles.

Moving or Retiring Abroad

If you are moving or retiring abroad of the UK you will need to inform several government offices. Check the list of who to inform before you move overseas.

Taking Cash Out of the UK

This guide explains the new rules for declaring cash when entering or leaving Great Britain into, or from, another country (i.e. £10,000 or more).

Taking a Vehicle Out of the UK

The section explains the process for exporting a vehicle abroad. Find out whether VAT is payable on a car you export and the procedures for registration and vehicle tax.

Help Guide for British Nationals Living Overseas of the United Kingdom