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Report Abuse of an Elderly Person

Neglect, threats, and the physical abuse of an older person can be difficult to identify. But, if you spot the warning signs you can get help by reporting elder mistreatment to the council or the police.

ELDER ABUSE: The abuse of elderly adults is not only confined to their own homes. They also get abused in the homes of their relatives and even in some care home facilities.

Some of the most common elder abuse examples include:

  • Discriminatory, verbal, or sexual
  • Financial (pressuring elders to give away money or property)
  • Neglect (not caring for a senior person in the proper manner)
  • Physical (e.g. using bodily force or violence)
  • Psychological and emotional (e.g. harassment, threats, or coercion)

All seniors deserve to live their lives in safety and without abuse in later life. Elderly people should be able to live with dignity and get treated with respect.

The most important step is spotting the warning signs and getting help. We should all be aware of the risk factors of elder abuse, how to prevent it, and how to report abuse of an elderly person.

Institutional abuse concerns the intentional abuse of older adults by caregivers. There are ways to protect seniors if you suspect they are at risk from a neglectful caregiver. It is vital to get help if you think someone is preying on them through a form of financial exploitation.

Elder Abuse and Neglect Explained

Often, it is those who are responsible for their care who cause most neglect of their welfare. The maltreatment and molestation can be physical or emotional. It can even include sexual harm inflicted upon the victim.

As adults get older they become more frail – especially in a physical sense. It becomes increasingly difficult for the aging population to take care of themselves. The outcome means that many of the aged are unable stand up to bullying and oppression. Most are unwilling, and unable, to fight back if they get attacked.

Note: Even though reporting abuse of the elderly to authorities in the United Kingdom is increasing. There are far too many more cases that go unreported each year.

As if that’s not enough:

Living with, or caring for, an elderly person presents a special challenge. They become more trying companions as they suffer mental or physical ailments. Old folk rarely see or hear well. They find it difficult to think with clarity.

Abuse reports show that it is these weaknesses that open up the doorway. Reporting elder abuse will help to stop unscrupulous people taking advantage of their debility and frailty.


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As a rule, senior abuse takes place most often in the place where they are living. Even more worrying is that the abusers are frequently adult children. They can be family members such as a spouse, a partner, or grandchildren.

Reporting Elder Abuse and Neglect

Note: Phone the police on 999 to report a crime in progress or for any emergency situation.

If you think someone has committed a crime you should contact your nearest police force. But, you can contact your local council if you think an elderly person is being abused or is at risk of ill treatment.

Misconduct in Care Homes and by Home Carers

The local council handle complaints made by about care homes and on the conduct of home carers. Contact the local authority if have any concerns about:

  • A carer mistreating or abusing an elder person.
  • The improper treatment of an older person in a care home.

Clinic Care or NHS Hospitals

You should contact the manager of the hospital or the clinic if you have concerns about someone in an NHS hospital or in clinic care.

Getting Expert Help and Advice

Many people get confused on how to report elder abuse and who they should report it to. You can get further help and advice from an elderly abuse hotline.

Action on Elder Abuse Helpline
PO Box 60001, Streatham SW16 9BY
Mail: [email protected]
Telephone: 0808 808 8141
Find out about phone call charges.

How to Report Abuse of the Elderly in the United Kingdom