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Council House Rules and Regulations

This section lists council housing rules and housing association regulations. There is extra information and advice about sheltered housing.

So, what exactly is a council house? As a general rule council houses are a type of public accommodation or those that follow social housing rules.

COUNCIL HOUSING UK: The government municipalities build most of the council housing in the United Kingdom and in Ireland.

It is commonplace to find council housing property built on council estates.

UK council estates are building complexes which contain many council houses. They usually have other amenities like shops and school facilities as well.

The majority of council houses in England and Wales got built from 1919 to 1980. As a rule they all stuck to a rigid design following Local Authority building standards.

Council housing eligibility in England goes through the Housing Act 1996. The council housing regulations got amended by the Localism Act 2011.

The latest Act grants the UK government regulatory powers about eligibility for council houses. They can now regulate all council housing allocations for homelessness services in England.

Council House Rules Guide

Apply for a Community Alarm

Community Alarms

Some councils in England and Wales provide community alarm services. So, if you apply for a community alarm in your own home it can help to support independent living.

Council Property Repairs

You can use this link to request a repair to a council property. The council Right to Repair scheme means they have to fix urgent or hazardous problems within a certain period.

Note: You may be able to make an insurance claim against the council (e.g. for damage caused to your home by contractors working on their behalf).

Apply for a Council Home

Council Housing Application

You must apply to the council housing department to get a council house or flat. The guide also explains about council housing waiting lists and the types of tenancies available.

Swap Your Council Home

You must follow set rules to swap your council home with another tenant. Your landlord can help if you are a housing association tenant who wants to swap homes.

Under 18-Year Olds

People who are under 18 have rights to social housing for young adults. As a rule, all 16 and 17 year olds will get placed as a priority on the waiting list for council housing.

Note: Use the government website when you apply to rent a council garage from local authorities. But, in many cases there will be a waiting list for renting council garages.

Apply for a Disabled Facilities Grant

Some local authorities offer the Disabled Facilities Grant in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Apply for a disabled facilities grant with your local council to make your home suitable for a disabled person.

Apply for Sheltered Housing

You can apply for sheltered or supported housing through your local council. Most sheltered housing gets built for disabled persons, the elderly, or those who are most vulnerable.

Housing Benefit

You could get Housing Benefit to help you pay your rent if you are receiving a low income. You can apply for Housing Benefit through your local council to help pay your rent.

Right to Buy Your Council Home

You may have the right to buy your council home in England. In most cases, your local council will help you through the application process.

Right to Acquire Scheme

Information in this help guide explains the eligibility criteria, how to buy your housing association home (using form RTA1), and how much discount you can get.

Social Housing

The information in the help guide explains the different types of tenancy agreements, how to apply for a housing association home, and how to make a complaint.

Note: You can read more information about how to swap your council or housing association home (e.g. via a ‘mutual exchange’) on the GOV.UK website.

Council Housing Rules and Regulations in England and Wales