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Get Help Looking for Work If Disabled

Help is available for disabled people looking for work in the United Kingdom. Look out for the 'disability confident' symbol and find out how to use employment advisers.

SEARCHING FOR A JOB: Looking for work if you are disabled can be a challenge. But, the government helps to make job searching for someone with a disability less of a handicap.

People with disabilities should look for specific job adverts and application forms. Look out for the ones displaying the ‘disability confident’ symbol.

The Disability Confident Symbol

  • The symbol signifies that the employer has made a commitment for employing disabled people.
  • It also means you have a guaranteed job interview providing you meet the basic conditions for the post.

Note: Look for jobs for disabled people in your area using the Job Centre Plus Local Office Search to find the nearest address or telephone number.

Specialist Help for Disabled People Looking for Work

The first place to get help is your local Jobcentre office. They can help you to find a job or to gain new skills. The Jobcentre also has information on ‘disability-friendly’ employers located in your area.

In some cases, it may be appropriate to get referred to a specialist work psychologist. This type of ’employment assessment’ will discover important information about you, such as:

  • What work skills do you have and what experience you have in the workplace.
  • What kind of employment roles interested you the most.

Note: You can get more information from the work coach based at your local Jobcentre branch.

Work Programmes and Grants for Disabled People

Having a work coach will help you get back into work. They can give you current details on workplace programmes and grants, such as:

  • Access to Work: Can provide money towards a support worker. It can also help with the cost of specialist equipment or travelling to the workplace.
  • Specialist Employability Support: SES can help you get ready for employment. The program also helps disabled workers become self-employed.
  • Work Choice: Will help with your job search and gives extra support when you start working.

Applying for a Job if You are Disabled

Check to see if you can apply for an Access to Work grant. It would be helpful if you need support during a job interview (e.g. to use the services of a communicator).

Employer Questions about a Disability or Health

Employers must follow certain rules when recruiting disabled workers. In most cases, they cannot ask questions about your health or your disability ‘before’ offering you a job.

But, employers can ask about it in very limited reasons, such as:

  • When ‘making reasonable adjustments‘ (e.g. to provide a large printed version of a test).
  • To help them determine whether a disabled person could do something that is an essential factor as part of the job offered to you.

Unfair Treatment when Applying for a Job

The Equality Advisory Support Service can help if you think you got treated unfairly. In some cases, you can also take a serious complaint to an employment tribunal. You must do it within three (3) months of the discrimination occurring.

Looking for Work if You are Disabled in the United KingdomInformation and advice about discrimination and human rights issues.

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EASS Helpline

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Looking for Work if You are Disabled in the United Kingdom