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Getting the Work Done

Getting Green Deal Work Done

Once you have the advice report, deciding how to get the work done is the next step. The method you choose will affect your payment options for the work.

GETTING THE WORK DONE: Having someone carry out the business or home improvements means you must decide whether to:

Some companies can provide all the services for a Green Deal package (e.g. assessment, finance, and then the installation). Even so, you can still choose to use a different company for each part of the Green Deal process.

Getting a Green Deal Quote

Give the Green Deal advice report to the provider or the installer. They will give you a quotation and arrange for installers to do the work for you. The repayment terms also get agreed in the quote from the provider if you will pay through a finance plan.

The provider or installer will confirm whether the property qualifies for a combination package. You can combine the Green Deal scheme with other energy saving projects including:

Note: You can contact the Energy Saving Advice Service in England or Wales. Contact Home Energy Saving if you are in Scotland. You can choose to get more than one quote. You can also choose which particular energy saving improvements you want to have installed.

Energy Saving Advice Service
Telephone: 0300 123 1234
Monday to Friday: 9am to 8pm

Home Energy Scotland
Telephone: 0808 808 2282
Monday to Friday: 8am to 8pm
Saturday: 9am to 5pm

Agreeing to the Have the Work Done

Choose the provider or installer that you want to complete the work. They will write out a contract called a Green Deal finance plan if you choose to pay with finance. The plan will contain:

After the Green Deal Work is Completed

What happens about payments once the work has finished? Green Deal repayments will get added to your electricity bill if you took out Green Deal finance.

Complaints about the Green Deal

There are several ways to make a complaint about the Green Deal ECO. It will depend most on whether you have a Green Deal finance plan loan linked to your electricity bill.

Process for Getting Green Deal Work Done in the United Kingdom