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DWP Simple Payment PayPoint Card

What is Simple Payment Service PayPoint? The UK Government, PayPoint, and Citibank combine their services to deliver the DWP Simple Payment scheme.

SIMPLE PAYMENT CARD: The DWP PayPoint Card first started replacing Cashcheques (or Giro cheques) in 2013.

PayPoint locations help people collect their benefit and support settlements.

But the UK-wide service does not operate in the same way as basic cash card bank accounts.

Collecting benefits payments at the Simple Payment outlets is for limited circumstances only. The government does not use prepaid cards as a regular method of paying benefits.

The facility is for those who cannot get a secure bank or building society account (or similar). Having a Simple Payment account means you can collect your benefits payments, pensions, and child maintenance.

You can find Simple PayPoint outlets inside most local supermarkets and large newsagents. They are also located in many shops and convenience stores.

The online Simple Payment PayPoint Finder helps you locate your nearest facility. You can use the 24 hour Simple Payment Paypoint Store Locator by town or postcode to find a service near you.

Note: Simple Payment service closed on the 29th of March 2018. You may get a letter informing you how to collect your money using a new system called the Payment Exception Service.

Using DWP Simple Payment Collection Points

You can collect your benefit in cash at most of the Simple Payment PayPoint collection points. Take your Simple Payment card to a PayPoint outlet displaying the distinctive yellow sign.

You will need to show your Simple Payment card and confirm your memorable date to collect the cash. You must use original documents as proof of your identity. ID photocopies are not accepted.

They will accept several different types of valid documentation. You can use your UK photocard driving licence (or paper), current passport, or a current utility bill (e.g. gas or electricity).

A Simple Easy Payment Card Memorable Date:
  • Your memorable date is initially set up as your date of birth.
  • Contains eight numeric digits and includes dates in full (e.g. 12th December 1997 would be 12121997).
  • Does not contain punctuation (e.g. slashes or dashes).
  • Should not use repeated or ascending/descending numbers such as 12345678 or 87654321.

Note: Only Simple Payment outlets displaying a Simple Payment sign provide the Simply Payment service.

If Someone Else Collects Your Money

You can choose to have someone else collect your money. That person can get their own card if it is the same person who always collects the cash for you.

To collect the money for you they will need to:

  1. Show their own card version.
  2. Confirm their memorable date.
  3. Show their own proof of identity.

What if different people collect benefit settlement for you?

In this case you need to give them your Simple Payment card to use each time using your memorable date.

Note: The money collector will need to show proof of your identity as well as their own.

Simple Payment Lost Card Procedures

Call 0800 032 5872 if you lose your Simple Payment card and the telephone lines operate 24 hours a day.

A stolen or lost Simple Payment card will get blocked and they will issued a new one to replace it. The lost card service is quick and easy for replacement cards.

You should not miss out on any of your usual dates for benefits. In some urgent cases you might also be able to get immediate access to your remittance.

Note: Telephone calls to 0800 numbers are free from British Telecom land lines. Click here to find out about paid and free call charges in the United Kingdom.

Simple Payment Number: Contact the Helpline

You can call the Simple Payment helpline if you need help using the free service. The Simple Payment free contact number is open from Monday to Saturday and from 8am to 8pm. You can phone the same helpline if you want to make a balance check or a complaint.

Simple Payment Number for Balance Enquiry

People Also Asked…

When Will My Payment be Made?
Your money is available for collection from the day the benefits office confirms your normal settlement date. It is usually the same day they pay your support, pension, or child maintenance.

Where Can I Use My Simple Payment Card?
You can only use it at PayPoint Card outlets displaying the black and white Simple Payment sign. Use the Simple Payment PayPoint Locator to find a store near you. The cards do not expire. Contact their helpline if you want to open a basic bank account or do not need the service any longer.

Can I Collect Part Payments?
No. You can only withdraw full payments which are also subject to a limit of £600 withdrawal per day. You will get a receipt every time you make a collection.

Should I Change My Memorable Date?
Yes. You should change it to ensure your payments are safe and secure. Others may know your date of birth. Always create a strong password that only you would know (and can easily remember). You can change your memorable date or registered address at any time. Call the Simple Payment phone number for further assistance.

DWP Simple Payments Card Scheme: PayPoint Finder for Benefits and Pensions