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Carers and People with Disabilities

Benefits Abroad for Carers and Disabled People

Check your eligibility to claim certain benefits abroad for carers and people with disabilities. This section explains how carers can claim benefits and allowances overseas.

BENEFITS ABROAD FOR CARERS: Several factors determine what you can claim for, including:

Going Overseas Temporarily

As a rule, there are some benefits you can claim if your stay abroad is not over 13 weeks.

The limit can extend to twenty six (26) weeks if the purpose of journey is for medical treatment, such as with:

You can continue to claim Carer's Allowance if you take no more than four (4) weeks holiday out of a 26-week period. Remember to inform the office dealing with your benefit that you will be outside the United Kingdom.

Going Overseas Permanently (EEA Country or Switzerland)

If this applies to your situation, you or a family member might qualify to claim benefits if:

People who meet the eligibility criteria should be able to claim:

Note: You cannot make a claim for the Disability Living Allowance mobility component abroad. The same applies with the mobility component of claiming PIP and going abroad (Personal Independence Payment).

Already Living in another EEA Country (or Switzerland)

There is no requirement for you to have already claimed in the UK before the move overseas. But, as a rule you must:

Making a Claim or Changing Your Details

When claiming these types of benefits abroad you must write to the Exportability Team Co-ordinator. The same applies to change any of your personal details (e.g. home address or bank account). The department deals with:

Note: The claim letter should inform them what particular benefits you are claiming for and which country you live in.

Exportability Co-ordinator
Room B215
Pension, Disability and Carers Service
Warbreck House
Warbreck Hill Road
Blackpool FY2 0YE
United Kingdom


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Further Help and Advice

The Disability Benefits Exportability Team deal with Attendance Allowance, Disability Living Allowance (DLA), and the Personal Independence Payment (PIP). The Carer's Allowance Exportability Team deal with Carer's Allowance.

UK Rules for Carers and People with Disabilities Claiming Benefits Abroad